Miraculous Season 2 Episode 15 FRIGHTNINGALE

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Miraculous Season 2 Episode 15 Frightningale

 The episode opens with Clara Nightingale on Marinette's computer singing her latest single called "Big Bang". Marinette tries to do the dance moves choreographed to her music video, but fails. After the music video ends, Marinette talks about how much she loves Clara's music and dancing. When Clara talks to Alec in an interview about her new music video, he announces that the theme is "Miraculous", which revolves around Ladybug and Cat Noir. She claims to have already found her cat Noir, but is looking for Ladybug and some accessories.

Marinette then receives a call from Alya, Rose, Juleka, Mylène, and Alix asking if Marinette has heard about the casting. Marinette says yes and agrees to meet the girls at the auditions. When Marinette hangs up, Tikki follows her holder and speaks to her. Trying to keep Marinette's identity safe, she entertains the idea of ​​auditioning for the role of Ladybug. Marinette comforts Tikki, assuring her that she will always be careful about protecting her secret identity, and will instead audition for a music video. As the two leave, a relieved Tikki praises Marinette for making the right decision and kisses her on the nose.

At the Agreste mansion, Gabriel tells his son that he will be playing Cat Noir in Clara's music video since the singer has endorsed his brand since the beginning of her career. Adrien is put off by the task, believing that people will find out his secret identity if he goes as a superhero. Plagg assures him that humans are too blind to notice, but Adrien isn't convinced. Regardless, he decides to avoid putting on the mask and goes on stage. Gabriel asks Adrien where his mask is and Adrien lies saying he couldn't find it. A nearby stagehand hears it and goes looking for it. Clara tells Adrien it's okay and begins the auditions.

There are several girls (and boys) who want to play Ladybug, but none of them are right. With no one else left, Clara devises a plan to find the real Ladybug. He offers extras a snack and then trips on purpose. Marinette runs to her aid and Clara declares that she has found her Ladybug, stating that Marinette did exactly what a Ladybug would do and that she would be perfect. Marinette wants to play Ladybug and be in the video with Adrien, but knowing she has to keep her identity safe, Marinette politely declines the offer, saying she'd rather be an extra with her friends. Clara understands and leads Marinette to a chair to wait for her makeup. As she leaves, Tikki congratulates Marinette for being sensible and not giving in to temptation.

A limousine pulls up to the audition building. Chloé, dressed as Ladybug, walks in and thanks everyone for coming, adding that they can leave now. Alya lets Marinette know, but she says she has no chance of playing Ladybug. Chloé auditions for the role. Clara praises Chloé for her talent and asks Gabriel what he thinks. He thinks Marinette would be better, but decides they have no choice but to use her for the video since she refused. However, Marinette does not want Chloé to play Ladybug and changes her mind and decides to be Ladybug despite Tikki's protests. Clara allows it, but tells Chloé that she can still be an extra. However, Chloé is disgusted at the idea of ​​being a mere extra and angrily leaves the building.

Marinette puts on a Ladybug costume and fears being recognized as the real Ladybug. She decides to leave the mask and goes to the stage where she and Adrien start rehearsing. Meanwhile, in the limo, Chloé is upset that she didn't get the role of Ladybug and wasn't close to Adrien. Despite her butler trying to cheer her up with his teddy bear, Chloé blackmails her father into canceling Clara's music video and threatens to call her mother.

Back at the building, Marinette and Adrien continue to try until a staff member finds the masks they hid. Clara wants them to wear it and after so much insistence, Marinette and Adrien slowly begin to put on their masks, both worried that someone might recognize their heroic forms.

Before they have a chance to do so, Chloé and André burst in and stop the rehearsal, with the mayor showing Clara a bunch of papers that supposedly show she doesn't have permission to shoot a music video in Paris or anywhere else in France. Chloé taunts Clara and throws her microphone to the floor, breaking the star decoration on it. Humiliated and dejected, Clara runs to her trailer crying, making her a perfect target for Hawk Moth. Akuma possesses her microphone and transforms her into Frightningale, a supervillainess capable of turning people into pink metal statues if they don't sing, dance or rhyme.

As Chloé rejects all the extras, Frightningale enters and whips her and the mayor. When Chloé confronts her, she can't sing, dance or rhyme and immediately turns her into a metal statue. Her father frantically pleads with Frightningale to restore his daughter to normal with a cold after she explains how she can avoid Chloé's current state, but is unable to reason with her. Frightningale then leaves and begins flogging people all over Paris, turning them into metal statues.

Marinette and Adrien transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir to face a new threat. Ladybug manages to stop Frightningale on the roof of the theater and tries to convince her to give her the Akuma, but to no avail. The villain begins to use Berushka's own yo-yo against her until Cat Noir appears and knocks her over with his staff. Despite initially gaining the upper hand, Frightningale is able to dodge their attacks, so he randomly attacks himself instead. With Hawk Moth's advice, Frightningale manages to whip both Ladybug and Cat Noir, and they realize they must sing, dance, or rhyme in order to keep fighting or they will turn into statues.