Miraculous Season 2 Episode 16 TROUBLEMAKER

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 16 TROUBLEMAKER

 At the Le Grand Paris Hotel, Penny is checking things off the list she's already made. When she opens the door, she starts talking to Butler Jean, who agreed to some of Penny's questions about Jagged. But after a while their conversation is interrupted by Penny's phone, Bob Roth enters the room, who says he's found a great way to promote Jagged's new album because he's going to be a reality TV star. Penny continues on the phone, this time returning to the room. In the background, Fang runs out the door with the ball and goes unnoticed. Penny gets off the phone and approaches Jagged, who asks her if she forgot to order macarons for Fang.

After a while, there's a knock on the door, causing Penny to leave Jagged Stone and Bob, who start talking about the show on TV. André Bourgeois stood at the door, holding Fang's leash with one hand and said that Fang couldn't run around the hotel freely, then handed the crocodile back. The phone rings again and Penny picks it up, telling someone about the plane ride for Jagged. At the same time, he apologizes to the mayor and goes to see Jagged, who throws the ball at Bobo because he didn't like the idea of ​​appearing on "Rocko Wants a Wife". Again someone knocks on the door and the phone rings. Jean again stands in the doorway and asks Penny, who answers him while holding the phone to her ear. He closes the door and goes back to Jagged and Bob who are arguing with each other. Penny decides to tell Jagged about her idea to resolve the conflict. Jagged agrees to implement it. He thanks Penny and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Outside the bakery, Tom and Sabine have gathered a crowd of Jagged fans. Inside, the live recording of "Fill My Shoes" with Jagged and Tom begins. After giving Bob a croissant, Sabine starts talking to Marinette to make sure that hosting a TV show at the bakery is a good idea. Marinette replies that it's good for the bakery and her dad will become a celebrity. Sabine says that Tom looks quite nervous. At the same time, Tikki is watching the show in Marinette's room. After a while, Tom instructs Jagged how to roll the dough. Penny is very nervous about the whole situation and Marinette points it out. The girl asks if everything is okay and Penny says that the idea for the show was hers and Jagged trusted her and she just hoped everything was okay. At that time, Alec asks Jagged what it's like to be a baker today.

Jagged enthusiastically says he's great and starts pretending to play a guitar made out of different pastries. After a while, Sabine asks Penny what it's like to work with a star like Jagged. Penny is very flattering when she talks about Jagged, but right after that it improves and she talks more neutrally. Adrien watches the whole show in his room together with Plagg. He asks what the big deal is, and Adrien says that the program is taking place at Marinette's place. At the bakery, Jagged and Tom sing together, where Jagged also suggests Marinette joins in. When Adrien notices her on TV, he starts to smile a lot. Jagged starts telling the audience how talented Marinette is, mentioning the cover she made for his album since he was just a student at school and Alec was impressed with the girl's skills. After a while, Toma asks what he will prepare today. Tom says he will make chocolate croissants. He also asks Marinette to hand him a bag of flour. Marinette, wanting to take the bag, accidentally causes the flour to spill on Jagged's head. This makes him start laughing and pretending to be a ghost.

Alec calls a break and Marinette takes the opportunity to apologize to Jagged, but he tells her that nothing is wrong. Penny asks Marinette where the bathroom is and when she hears "upstairs" she goes there with Jagged. Meanwhile, Tom and Marinette decide to clean up the flour.

While looking for the bathroom, Jagged and Penny end up in Marinette's room. Curious, Jagged starts to look around while Penny tries to clean the flour off of him. Meanwhile, back at the bakery, Bob is commenting on how good the show's ratings are when the cameraman informs them that they will be back on the air soon. Alec wonders where Jagged is, to which Marinette tells him about the upstairs bathroom. Alec, Bob and the cameramen head there.

Jagged continues to look around Marinette's room while Penny tries to clean the flour off him. Suddenly a cameraman arrives and the show continues just as Jagged admires Marinette's photos of Adrien. He comments on them saying that Marinette clearly has a crush on Adrien. Adrien is surprised while Plagg talks about Marinette as another secret admirer. Marinette sees this too and runs upstairs to her room in horror. On the way, Tikki tells her to calm down because it's not a big deal, but Marinette says it's because she told the whole school, including Adrien, to watch the show and if Adrien sees all the photos, he'll find out. that she is in love with him. Tikki asks Marinette if that's what she wants, to which Marinette says no, not like this at least.

Marinette bursts into her room and demands to know why everyone is there, to which Penny frantically apologizes saying she couldn't find the bathroom. Jagged offers Marinette to sign his poster, but Marinette says she wants everyone to leave and tells Penny to do something. Penny starts to push Bob out, but accidentally steps on a cable, cutting everyone off the air. Penny is about to plug the cable back in, but Marinette tells her to pull everyone out first. Alec tells her to give him the cable while they're alive. Jagged also starts sneezing and asks Penny if the flour on him is organic because he is allergic to non-organic flour. Alec once again tells Penny to give him the cable as Bob yells at her that they don't have a picture. Anyone yelling at her causes Penny to become so stressed that she ends up yelling at everyone and pushing them all out. Bob asks what they're going to do now, to which Penny angrily says she'll meet them downstairs in five minutes before slamming the door.