Miraculous Season 2 Episode 21 QUEEN WASP

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 21 QUEEN WASP

 Gabriel is picked up by "Style Queen" and is seen in the basement of his mansion talking in front of the unconscious Emilia's coffin. Dejected after defeating Style Queen, he decides that he can no longer threaten Adrien and that he has done everything he can to get the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses. He asks his wife for forgiveness and renounces Nooroo and Butterfly Miraculous. Then he goes to the front of his office and sulks sadly. Nathalie notices him and hugs him.

The fashion show continues, with Adrien modeling Marinette's hat and Alya filming the whole thing. Suddenly, for the first time since his wife's disappearance, Gabriel appears in public, walking down the runway and hugging his son in front of everyone.

When the fashion show ends, Gabriel approaches Audrey and apologizes for the misunderstanding, saying that he fired the person responsible and knows that only the front row is suitable for her. Audrey accepts the apology and then notices Marinette's hat. He asks Marinette if she made it, and with encouragement from Adrien, she admits. Audrey is very impressed by this and even offers her the chance to go to New York with her and become a famous fashion designer. Marinette's friends and family are happy for her, but Marinette isn't sure what to make of it.

However, Chloé is furious and angrily asks her mother why of all people she would take Marinette to New York instead of her own daughter. Audrey says it's because Marinette is special. Chloé counters that she's special too, but Audrey says the only thing special about her is her mother. Hurt by this comment and wanting to prove her mother wrong, Chloé reveals that she is in possession of the Bee Miraculous and transforms into Queen Bee in front of everyone, including the press. She jumps onto a tall structure and announces to everyone that she is the new hero Paris and before she takes off, she proves that she is special. Unfazed, Audrey merely dismisses it as Chloé showing off and exits the building. André, Gabriel, Adrien, Nathalie, Tom, Sabine and Marinette do the same. Meanwhile, Wayzz and Master Fu see a news broadcast about Chloé being a superhero. Wayzz doesn't understand why Marinette gave Chloé the Bee Miraculous, but Master Fu knows that's not the case and is confident that he'll make things right.

The queen bee waits at the top of the Ferris wheel for someone to save her, but she can't see anything. But when he notices a subway station, he gets an idea. He calls Nadja Chamacková and says that she should get to the metro station, because there she will help save the passengers of the rushing train.

On the subway, Tom and Sabine express their excitement about moving to New York to help Marinette achieve her dream. Marinette talks to Tikki about it and says it's her dream come true. However, Tikki reminds Marinette that she would not be able to go to New York with her. Suddenly, Queen Bee arrives in the subway and uses her Venom power to paralyze the subway driver, causing the train to go incredibly fast. She announces to everyone on board that she will save them, but soon discovers that she cannot stop the subway herself.

Gabriel enters his lair and reactivates Nooroo. He reveals to his kwami ​​that he has the opportunity to akumatize someone with Miraculous and transforms into Hawk Moth. Meanwhile, Adrien walks into his room and transforms into Cat Noir, rushing to the subway and getting there just like the press. Marinette also transforms into Ladybug and joins him. The pair manage to save the Queen Bee and the passengers on board. Ladybug then notices that the subway driver has been paralyzed and confronts Queen Bee about it in front of the press. He chides her for selfishly using her powers. Audrey even appears via tablet and dismisses her daughter as irresponsible. Ladybug angrily demands Bee Miraculous back, but Queen Bee refuses. Cat Noir is surprised to learn that Ladybug has lost Miraculous, but Ladybug reminds him that he did the same, leaving her to fight the Queen of Style on her own. While they argue, Queen Bee sneaks away. Ladybug and Cat Noir soon notice and head to Le Grand Paris, assuming she has gone home. Printing also follows.

Sensing Queen Bee's sadness at being ignored by her mother and failing as a superhero, Hawk Moth sends akuma after her. She is infected by Miraculous and Hawk Moth offers her the power to prove she is special in exchange for Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir. Queen Bee accepts the deal and is transformed into Queen Wasp.

Ladybug and Cat Noir soon make it to the balcony of Chloe's room, but she is nowhere to be seen. They decide to go to the hotel lobby only to find all the Stingers paralyzed. The duo is confused by this as miraculous powers can only be used once. They then turn around to find the Wasp Queen surrounded by an army of paralytic wasps. He sends them to attack the superhero duo, who run out of the hotel, across the roofs, trying to escape the wasps. They succeed when they jump into the river Seine because wasps don't like water. Once back on land, Ladybug uses her lucky charm and gets a snorkel. Cat Noir jokes that at least he won't drown, prompting Ladybug to attack.

As Ladybug and Cat Noir wander through Paris under trash cans, they arrive on the roof of Le Grand Paris, where Queen Wasp was waiting for them. Ladybug and Cat Noir use trash cans to sweep away the wasps and jump over the wasp queen. While trying to shake off Cat Noir, Ladybug puts a snorkel on the Wasp Queen and then pushes the three of them into the Seine River where the Wasps can't follow. While Ladybug keeps the Wasp Queen distracted, Cat Noir summons Cataclysm and touches Bee Miraculous, freeing the akuma. Queen Wasp briefly transforms back into Queen Bee and then back into her civilian form. Ladybug and Cat Noir take Chloé and jump out of the water in time for Ladybug to purify the akuma and use Miraculous Ladybug to return everything back to normal, including Bee Miraculous.