Miraculous Season 2 Episode 22 MALEDIKTATOR

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 22 Malediktator

 Chloé shows her class a video of herself chatting dressed as the Queen Bee and Ladybug. However, the class realizes that the Ladybug in the video is Chloe, not the real one, and laughs at her. Miss Bustier asks Chloé why she gave her assignment about herself, to which Chloé responds by reminding the teacher that the assignment was to pick an important person in French history because she believed she alone saved France as Queen Bee, even showing part of her video . where "Ladybug" compliments her. However, Alya says that it's obvious that it's really Chloé dressed as Ladybug, even sarcastically pointing out the difference in hair color. Chloé claims that Ladybug dyed her hair blonde to look like her, but that only earns more laughter from the class. Chloé sits down and tells her classmates that they don't deserve to see the rest of her video. Marinette sarcastically replies that it's too bad, to which the class all laugh, including Sabrina. Chloé catches Sabrina laughing and "fires" her. Sabrina is heartbroken that she betrayed her best friend, but Alya tells her that she has every right to laugh, even downloading a video of Ladybug and Cat Noir berating Queen Bee for causing the subway train incident. Alya states that Ladybug and Cat Noir were the heroes, not Chloé, and Alix even adds how Chloé had superpowers for five minutes and was out of control. Marinette tells Chloe that even though she doesn't deserve to see her "documentary", she doesn't deserve to be called a superhero. This makes her so angry that she storms out of class, while Marinette points out that she will never change.

Later, André Bourgeois consummates the marriage, but Chloé and Audrey burst in and kick everyone out. Audrey demands that André close the school and Chloé demands that he banish Marinette from Paris. Audrey claims that Marinette hurt Chloé's feelings, to which Chloé adds that Marinette made the whole class gang up on her. André protests that he can't do that, but offers to close the school for a few days. But that's not enough for Chloé and Audrey. André tells Chloé that he loves her, but she's asking too much of him this time, and suggests that she simply change schools. This does not satisfy even Chloé and Audrey, and they both decide to move to New York. As the hotel servants pack the duo's suitcases, André says he can't be mayor of Paris if he lives in New York and suggests moving somewhere closer, but Chloé believes that won't change and Audrey is displeased that André refuses to come with them. In an attempt to change Chloé's mind about moving, André presents her with a diamond-encrusted phone case, but Chloé rejects the gift.

Sensing André's sadness at not being able to give Chloé what he wants, Hawk Moth sends an akuma to him that infects his wing just as Chloé and Audrey leave in a helicopter for the airport. Hawk Moth offers André absolute power and authority in exchange for the Miraculouses Ladybug and Cat Noir. He accepts the deal and is transformed into the Maledictator.

All the students are having lunch at school when a bourgeois helicopter suddenly appears and Chloé announces to everyone that she is going to New York with her mother and leaving them all behind, even dropping some flyers about her in New York. Realizing that Chloé is leaving for good, the students and staff take a moment to process it and immediately erupt into joyous celebrations, complete with fireworks and confetti out of nowhere, students and teachers hugging and a few students even breaking into the conga line. Marinette realizes that without Chloé, Paris will be filled with less negative emotions and akumatizations. Adrien arrives at the scene and wonders what everyone is celebrating. Marinette happily tells him that Chloé has left Paris and is moving to New York, but is surprised when Adrien doesn't share her excitement, even wondering why she would celebrate such a thing. Marinette points out how Chloé is a brat to everyone and calls her useless, but Adrien believes that no one is useless, not even Chloé. He sadly explains that Chloé was his only friend growing up and he cannot celebrate her unfortunate departure from Paris. With that, Marinette begins to regret taking Chloé away and inadvertently hurting Adrien's feelings.

Bourgeois' helicopter flies over the Maledictator, who uses his powers to force the pilot to land. Chloé and Audrey are then confronted by the Maledictor, who tells his daughter that he now has the power to close the school and expel those who have been mean to her. While Chloé worries about her father, Audrey criticizes her husband's akumatization, saying it doesn't make him a cool or modern father. As she bawls, the Maledictator makes her a devoted wife, happy to stay in Paris. Audrey runs up to the Maledictor and happily hugs and kisses him. But Chloé is disgusted by this and sneaks into the subway station when no one is looking. When the Maledictator discovers that Chloé is no longer inside the helicopter, Hawk Moth tells him that in order to find his daughter, he must first cause chaos in Paris and suggests starting with the school, to which the Maledictator agrees.

While everyone else is still celebrating, Alya approaches Marinette and tells her that she doesn't have to be upset just because Adrien is. However, Marinette thinks she was a little harsh on Chloé and wonders if she's just being a brat. Just then, the Maledictator appears and turns the school into a demolition site, causing the students and staff to begin destroying the building. Marinette and Adrien hide and transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir. The duo then confront the Maledictor and Cat Noir jokingly asks if he has a permit to demolish, to which the Maledictor replies that he doesn't need a permit because he is all-powerful and Paris is his city. Ladybug retorts that Paris belongs to everyone, and the duo engage him in a fight. Ladybug calls her Lucky Charm and gets a counter. While trying to figure out what to do about it, Cat Noir continues to attack the Maledictor. Ladybug realizes that Lucky Charm is telling her to go after Master Fu, but she is too late to stop Cat Noir, who has transformed into an actual cat.