Miraculous Season 4 episode 21 Dearest Family

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 21 Dearest family miraculous

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 21 Dearest family

 The episode begins with Gabriel trying to akumatize while in possession of a magic spell, but due to his acquisition of a magic spell, the akuma is unable to akumatize him and cleanses itself instead. She talks to Nathalie through her tablet and says that the magic spell still repels akuma, to which Nathalie replies that if Ladybug was able to create a magic spell, his powers are also able to grow. He also says that it is written in the Grimoire that "the only limits to the abilities of the Prodigals are those set by their wielders". To which Gabriel transforms into Shadow Moth and concentrates his power to create a much more powerful akuma, then tries to akumatize again after detransforming but to no avail, then transforms again and creates another akuma, this time with even more power as purple. a colored light surrounds him and purple streaks of lightning began to form around him as they fluttered away from his palm. He detransforms again and this time successfully akumatizes and destroys the magic spell.

Meanwhile, at the Dupain-Cheng Bakery, Tom tries to open the oven to take out a galette. However, Rolland bursts in and tells him that's not how it's done. She opens the oven and the three of them, Tom, Rolland and Sabine, gasp in amazement as the galette comes out golden brown and glowing. Tom then takes out the galette and places it on the table. All three take a bite of the galette and all three shower her with compliments. Sabine then congratulates Tom and Rolland that it was the first recipe they made together. Rolland and Tom then embrace. Then Sabine draws the curtains and sees a long line of people outside the bakery waiting to buy galettes.

In Marinette's room, the smell of galettes wakes Tikki up. She asks Marinette what that smell is, so Marinette explains that it was a galette that is made for King's Day and whoever finds the magic in their slice gets a gold paper crown, but she also says that it was too soon and says Tikki to go to sleep. Tikki then said that she had never felt anything so sweet and wonderful and asked Marinette if she could try it. However, Marinette refused, saying that no one could see her. The rest of the kwami ​​wake up from their sleep and Barkk says she was hungry. Marinette reluctantly gets up and says she has.

Back at the Dupain-Cheng Bakery, Tom and Rolland work together to bake the galettes while Sabine boxes them. He takes them outside to a window where a couple of Parisians standing outside stare excitedly. Marinette opens the door, rubs her eye and greets the three of them. He also asks them if he can have a small piece of galette. Tom is about to cut a slice of galette for Marinette, but suddenly Rolland rips him off and says that it wasn't like that and the tradition was that all the galettes were to be sold first, then the last one is for. family to share. Tikki sniffs the galette from Marinette's purse and admires it, while Marinette laughs and Tom gives her croissants instead. Marinette thanks her father and leaves.

In the stairwell, Tikki squealed excitedly and Marinette told her that they would have to wait until that night before they could eat the galette, but she could have a croissant to eat while they waited. Tikki flies towards her and Marinette jumps. He says he can't wait that long and that the smell was so extraordinary. She also said that she had to taste anything and begged Marinette to let her try it. Marinette sighed and told her that she would try to get a piece and that she also wanted to try the new galette.

Marinette opens the door and Tom, Rolland and Sabine turn their attention to her. She says she might be able to help by handing out a small sample of the galette to customers standing outside to keep them patient. Rolland said it was a great idea and the three let her do it. Before heading out, Marinette sneaks a few pieces of galette into her purse. Marinette then left and gave galette samples to the customers.

Marinette heads back to her room where she tells the kwamis that she brought them some galette. However, she gasped in shock when she saw that there was no galette in her purse and it looked like Tikki had eaten it all. She lies to the kwamis that she must have dropped it somewhere and apologizes to protect Tikki. The other kwami ​​gasped, knowing that Tikki had eaten them all. Tikki immediately flies out of Marinette's purse and yells at them for accusing her. Shocked, Kwamis rushes into the crowd and confirms that they were accusing her of eating the galette. Laughing awkwardly, Marinette calls them a joke, saying that Tikki would never do such a thing. Sass told Marinette that he knew how much Tikki liked to eat, but also asked her if she understood her appetite. Stompp cried that it was a gourmet craving of cosmic proportions. Sass goes on to say that the pastries that Marinette's father and his father made were special, unique and he was afraid of what Tikki would do. Marinette then cuts him off saying that he was exaggerating and that it was just a galette. Sass tells Marinette that he didn't think she knew Tikki as well as she thinks. Tikki snarled at Sass's words and Marinette yelled at Sass saying that of course she knew Tikki better than anyone. Tikki flew ahead of her and told her not to listen to the other kwami ​​and that it was easier to go back down and get more galettes for everyone. The Kwami then huddled together and were afraid of Tikki. Marinette says that Tikki was right and she was going to go with Tikki to get more galettes for everyone. Once Marinette leaves with Tikki, the other kwami ​​start flying around the room in panic, and since it was an emergency, Sass gave Wayzzo and Barkka permission to leave Marinette's room.

In the stairwell, Tikki apologizes to Marinette, saying that the distribution of the galette samples took too long and the smell was too good not to eat as Marinette runs down the stairs. Marinette told her not to worry and said that the galette would be enough for everyone and there was no need to react like the other kwami. Marinette opens the door to see Rolland and Mayor André fighting over a box of galettes. Rolland grabs a baguette to hit André while he yells at him that the last piece of galette is for the family to enjoy together. He then kicked André out of the bakery. He then asks Tom, Sabine, and Marinette if they want to enjoy the last piece of galette, but then a sound comes from outside, drawing their attention. Outside, Gina was on a motorcycle while Chloé whined to her father in the background. Tom, Rolland and Sabine ran outside and as Marinette was about to follow them Tikki stopped her and asked her what