Miraculus Season 4 Episode 20 Qilin English

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 20 Qilin Trailer

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 20 Qilin

 The episode opens with Sabine getting ready for the day, showering, reading her calendar, decorating the house to match the concept of Feng Shui, preparing the kitchen for Marinette's accidents, making coffee and tea for Tom, and making pastries for the Chinese ink painting. he teaches the class later while practicing Tai Chi. He makes a reservation at noon for himself and Marinette at Dim Sum pleasure.

Marinette wakes up in a sleepy state, tripping down the stairs in the process and landing in a laundry basket full of clothes that Sabine had deliberately put there. Sabine welcomes her and asks about her tired nature. They are interrupted by an urgent news broadcast announcing Ladybug and Cat Noir's victory in stopping a turbine explosion at a coconut factory and saving the city from a hot chocolate explosion denied by the CEO arrested for professional negligence. Marinette agrees with the scenario presented by Sabine. Sabine asks Marinette to do the laundry, measuring her height in the process and acknowledging the new growth. Marinette eats breakfast but spills the milk in the process. She apologizes, but Sabine simply picks up the soaked sponge on the floor. Marinette notices a shoe ad that Sabine posted earlier, remembers that she's outgrowing her current shoes, and asks for a new pair as shown in the ad, to which Sabine agrees, arranging to meet after painting class and lunch.

Just then, the latest news alerts Marinette that Lollipop Boy has reappeared, spurring Marinette into action. Marinette makes up an excuse to be late for class. Sabine reminds her that it's Saturday, which Marinette dismisses, explaining that it's to meet Alya Césaire while they're doing a project together. Sabine makes Marinette promise not to forget their lunch to buy a bus ticket and change out of her pajamas, which scares Marinette and runs upstairs. Tikki comments on Sabine's impressive organizational skills despite her busy lifestyle, prompting Marinette to reflect on how she is the opposite, revealing how she will be over a month late for Mother's Day due to her ladybug duties. Marinette realizes that he could buy her a present before meeting her and gives it to her at the restaurant. They proceed to transform to take care of Sentimonster as Sabine leaves the house to pick up pastries from Tom for her class.

At school, Sabine teaches a Chinese ink brush painting class, highlighting the differences between Western painting styles and emphasizing certain features of the Eastern style. Ladybug and Cat Noir walk past the battle with Lollipop Boy. Sabine sympathizes with them because they've already been up all night dealing with other issues and they're back in action. The heroes defeat the villain and leave. Sabine's students head out and Sabine packs up and goes down to the bus station, then calls Marinette but ends up leaving her voicemail to hurry up.

Once the bus arrives, Sabine leaves her bag next to the bus driver so she can retrieve her wallet. Marinette arrives shortly after, but realizes she forgot her bus ticket and Sabine paid for her ticket. Sabine and Marinette are walking down the bus and come across a disabled person trying to fit his wheelchair into the narrows as the rude passenger is busy discussing business plans on the phone. After Sabine shuts down an abusive passenger by politely asking him to let the disabled person stay in their designated spot, Sabine creates a plan involving a traffic light, an abusive passenger, wheelchair equipment, and a brush. . Sabine then places the brush on the ground in front of the rude passenger. As soon as the bus stops, the rude passenger trips over the brush, which takes him out of the seat, and the disabled person is uncontrollably transferred to the disabled seat.

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