Finale - Season 4 Episode 26 - Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 26 strike back English

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 26 Strike Back

 Unaware that they are under the influence of a powerful villain, Ladybug and Cat Noir are determined to get back into their lives as quickly as possible. They think they have everything under control, but Shadow Moth is preparing for his first big victory. What will Ladybug and Cat Noir do to stop him?

The Shadow Moth trap is closing in on Ladybug and Cat Noir and threatens to turn their fate upside down. At sunset on the rooftops of the Jardins du Trocadéro, Ladybug weeps over the loss of the Miraculous. Suddenly, a message retriever illusion appears inside with a Shell-ter to protect his akumas in case Ladybug cleans them again. Hawk Moth with all the Miraculouses, now known as the Monarch, threatens all the Parisians; including Chloé Bourgeois, vowing to attack them more than ever, and that she won't stop until she gets the Miraculouses Ladybug and Cat Noir. Ladybug believes all is lost, but Cat Noir arrives and lets her know that she still has him. Feeling guilty, she apologizes to him for all the times she neglected him. He lends a helping hand and promises to retrieve the Miraculouses, one by one, until the very end, promising that this will never happen again. The people of Paris cheer on the heroes as they prepare to face the villain.

strike Back Miraculous Season 4