Miraculous Season 1 Episode 17 Antibug English

Miraculous - Season 1 Episode 17 Antibug ENGLISH Antibug-1110

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 17 Antibug

 In Chloé's room, Chloé goes through her closet and complains that she has nothing to wear. When she hears a noise, she goes to investigate and is attacked by her floating skin care bottles. An invisible force removes her shoes and throws her over the balcony into the courtyard of the Agreste mansion. Chloé yells at them to come back to no avail.

Chloe is at school and she looks exhausted, almost falling asleep in her desk. Marinette and Alya notice this and wonder if it's because Chloe's friend Sabrina is missing, though Mrs. Mendeleev shuts them up. Chloé is then pulled by her hair, leading to her screaming in pain and being admonished by Mrs. Mendeleev. Chloé tries to explain that something unseen is bothering her, but she is not believed and the class laughs at her. Mrs. Mendeleev silences the class.

An invisible force grabs Chloe's purse and tries to take it off her. Even though this happened, Mrs. Mendeleev still doesn't trust Chloe. Chloé is thrown back by the unseen presence and drops her purse, only to repeatedly hit her in the face with it, leading to Mrs. Mendeleev yelling at Chloé to take her seat. Chloé drops her purse and hides in the corner of the room. Both Marinette and Adrien watch intently.

Jule's pen is ripped from her fingers and thrown at Chloé. Several more pens are thrown at Chloé, sending her running down the stairs. Mrs. Mendeleev yells at Chloé to stop running and go back to her seat. Before she can, an unseen presence takes Chloé's sunglasses from her head and fights Chloé for them. The presence leads Chloé to Miss Bustier's table and puts down her sunglasses, pulling Chloé's hair instead. The whole class laughs at her. Chloé flees the room, waving her arms in front of her to ward off the unseen presence. An invisible presence stalks Chloé, moving Adrien's tablet in the process. The door slams shut behind it.

Both Marinette and Adrien immediately ask if they can go to the bathroom. In the girls' bathroom, there are crude drawings of Chloé on the walls and stall doors, and numerous instances of Chloé's name being scratched out. Everyone at the school is then sent a set of pictures showing what happened to Chloé. Marinette, Tikki, and Adrien realize that something must be done to help her and the two of them transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir.

In front of Le Grand Paris, Mayor André Bourgeois holds a press conference and says that attacking his daughter is like attacking all of Paris. Ladybug and Cat Noir appear behind the mayor, saying that they will help him. Back in Chloé's room, André announces that Ladybug and Cat Noir are there to help, prompting Chloé to run out from behind one of her couches and throw Ladybug in a hug, much to her annoyance. Chloé then doesn't leave Ladybug alone the whole time she's in her room, she takes a few selfies with the Ladybugs and takes pictures with her. André explains the situation to Ladybug while Cat Noir searches Chloe's room.

Ladybug turns on Chloé's television and rotates the four sections of the screen to various locations in the hotel where an unseen presence might be hiding. These include three different angles of the hotel foyer and Chloé's balcony. Ladybug asks Chloé if she's had any problems with anyone lately, which Chloé denies, saying that everyone loves her. Ladybug picks up a picture from the ground and asks about the girl in it with Chloé, Sabrina. Chloé says it's impossible for Sabrina to hate Chloé; Sabrina "worships [her]. [She's] her idol." Ladybug sighs and tells the mayor to keep Chloé inside because the invisible presence can't pass through walls and won't be able to attack Chloé. Ladybug and Cat Noir then leave and head down to the hotel entrance.

Downstairs, they ask Butler Jean what she knows about Chloe and Sabrina, and they say it will stay between them. Jean tells Ladybug about a game that Chloé and Sabrina liked to play called "Ladybug and Cat Noir", where Chloé would dress up as Ladybug and Sabrina would dress up as Cat Noir. Two days ago they played this game with the butler as the villain "Big Mustachio". Ladybug interrupts Jean's narration to ask who Big Mustache is, only to discover that it was Chloé's idea.

Continuing his story, Big Mustachio hid in a hotel lounge where Jagged Stone was being interviewed by Nadja Chamack. "Ladybug" and "Cat Noir" burst into the room, causing the men at the bar and the people on the couches to turn their attention to them. Chloé immediately recognized Jagged Stone and walked up to him, sitting between him and Nadja.

Jagged Stone believed that Chloé was the real Ladybug, prompting Chloé to lie through her teeth that she was there to meet Jagged. He notices her hair is different, he asks what she did to it, her response is that she needs a new haircut. She was filmed the whole time. She then took over Jagged Stone's interview and forced Nadja to direct questions to her.

However, Sabrina found Big Mustachio and called out Chloé's name. Toothy Stone and Nadja were angry that they had been tricked. Chloé protested and said she was Ladybug. Her proof was that she took her yo-yo and bounced it up and down, hitting Fang in the head each time. Poisoned, Fang bit the yoya string and ate it, the remaining string hitting Chloé in the face. Nadja and Jagged Stone laugh as Chloé runs away crying. Chloe glared at Sabrina and tore off her mask.

Sabrina and Jean followed Chloé into her room, Sabrina trying to apologize. Sabrina didn't know that Chloé had been pretending to be the real Ladybug in addition to their game. Angry, Chloé said that Sabrina never knew anything and that even Fang was smarter than her. Chloé threw the remains of the yoyo at Sabrina and told her she never wanted to see her again.

Chloé watches Jean, Ladybug and Cat Noir on the TV in her room.

Sabrina returned the next day. Chloé ignored her the whole time, saying she didn't know any Sabrina. Sabrina tried to get Chloé, her best friend, to turn around, even holding out the rose Chloé had given her as a symbol of their friendship. Jean approaches Chloé and asks her to talk to Sabrina since she's right there. Instead, Chloé said that she couldn't see anyone, that she must be invisible because Sabrina didn't exist in her eyes. Sabrina closed the door and left with tears in her eyes.

Ladybug and Cat Noir conclude that the unseen presence is Sabrina and that she has been akumatized. In her room, Chloé decides that it is impossible for Sabrina to be akumatized, let alone attack her, as Sabrina is too afraid of Chloé.