Miraculous Season 1 Episode 19 Reflekta English

Miraculous - Season 1 Episode 19 Reflekta ENGLISH 119

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 19 Reflekta

 Mrs. Mendeleev's class takes a class photo in the courtyard of Collège Françoise Dupont. Miss Bustier's class is waiting on the steps to the courtyard. Marinette is freaking out about how she will be in the picture with Adrien since they are all in the same class. Standing behind them are Rose and Juleka, who overheard Marinette's conversation with Alya.

Juleka doubts that it will be her in the photo, given that in the past something has gone wrong with photos. Rose tells Juleka that she is not cursed, but Juleka doubts it. Ever since Julek was little, whenever someone tried to take a picture of her, something got in the way. Rose and Marinette reassure her that this year will be different and that she will definitely be seen.

Vincent is done with Mrs. Mendeleev's class and begins to arrange his set for Miss Bustier's class using two rows of desks. Vincent forces the smaller people to sit on the bench in front, which are Max, Alix, Rose, Marinette, and Mylène. She picks Nathaniel, Alya, Sabrina, and Chloé in the back row to stand on the benches. Chloé protests, saying she has to stand next to Adrien since they're the same height, pointing out with her hand that their foreheads are level. But he disagrees and makes Chloé bring up her father as a threat. Since Vincent has no idea who her father is, he shoots her down and threatens to put her in the front row with a wave of his hand.

The rest of the students line up in at least two rows, all but one. Marinette notices Juleka standing on the stairs and makes Vincent stop to include her. He apologizes and tells Jule that he can stand between Nino and Adrien. Taking her place, Marinette notes that Juleka will be in the center of the photo, fully visible, and she will destroy her "curse".

Vincent is about to take a picture, but groans when he realizes he's not happy with the seating arrangement. He starts moving Ivan around, prompting Mr. Damocles to ask what's going on. Chloé claims that she is in the wrong place, even though she heard him say that Ivan is throwing off the harmony of the painting. Then he goes so far as to try to push Julek out of the way. Both Miss Bustier and Adrien berate her and Vincent continues to move the students. Chloé continues her protests, saying she's too far away from Adrien, but is shot down again by Mr. Damocles.

Just as Vincent presses the shutter button on his camera, the battery flashes, it's dead. He leaves to get a new battery and tells the students to stay in their seats. Meanwhile, Juleka asks Miss Bustier if she can use the restroom, receiving permission. Chloé tells Sabrina to make sure Juleka doesn't come back. Sabrina runs into the bathroom, grabs a nearby chair and props it under the door handle of the stall where Juleka is, trapping her inside. Sabrina returns just as the photographer is putting a new battery in the camera.

Chloé jumps off the bench and stands next to Adrien, waving her arm around him. Both Adrien and Marinette ask Chloé what she's doing there, but Vincent gets the attention of the class again. Before Marinette can stop him, he snaps a picture, all students' eyes on Chloé, except for Marinette, who holds out her arm to stop the camera, and Adrien, whose face is directed at the camera lens by Chloé's hand.

Vincent thanks them for their time and declares that the photo is perfect, to which Marinette protests that she has to take it again and tells Mr. Damocles about Juleca, who he doesn't seem to realize is anyone, let alone a student at his school. . When Marinette describes her, the rest of the class realizes she's missing and wonders where she is. Adrien says she went to the bathroom. Chloé sees that if they manage to get Juleka back, she will lose her place in the picture, redirecting Mr. Damocles to think about lunch and the other classes remaining to photograph, leading to Mr. Damocles refusing to take the picture again.

During her lunch break, Rose looks for Juleka and finds her trapped in the bathroom. Freed, the first thing Juleka asks is the photo. Rose mentions that she missed it, but it was Chloé's fault. Juleka says that she was stupid to believe that she could ever be in a decent photo, and laments that she is invisible and that no one ever listens to her. Rose protests, but Juleka runs out of the school to the Place des Vosges, sits on a bench and starts crying. Hawk Moth senses Jule's sadness and sends an akuma after her.

At Collège Françoise Dupont, Rose explains to Marinette and Alye what happened. Marinette gets up and comes up with the idea to delete the picture so that Vincent is forced to take another picture with Juleka. Sabrina and Chloé stand to the side, overhearing their plan and vowing that Marinette won't get away with it.

Back at Place des Vosges, Akuma has Jule's mirror on his wrist. Hawk Moth welcomes her as Reflekta and tells her that she can handle it so she'll be the only one people see and never ignore her again if she helps him in return. Juleka agrees and is akumatized.

Meanwhile, Marinette sneaks into Mr. Damocles' office to delete the photo, but Sabrina and Chloé are looking for her. Reflekta returns to the school and starts turning everyone into physically identical copies of herself, including poor Rose. Adrien quickly transforms into Cat Noir to stop Reflekto. He narrowly avoided Reflekta's beam and caught it in the basketball hoop. Cat Noir is about to use his Cataclysm on some lockers blocking the entrance to the school. Before he can touch the lockers, Reflekta turns him into her mirror image, which also causes Cat Noir to lose his Miraculous.

At the same time, Marinette gets caught on purpose by Sabrina and Chloe. When Chloé shows her the video of her breaking into the office, Marinette gives her an ultimatum: give her Chloé's phone so she can delete the video, or she'll delete the class photo instead. Chloé, knowing she'll lose the photo of her and Adrien together, gives Marinette her phone. However, once the phone is in Marinette's hands, Sabrina removes the camera's memory card. Marinette then gives Chloe another ultimatum: give her the card or she'll keep the phone. Suddenly, she hears Reflekto's voice calling Chloe's name, and Marinette grabs the card from her and runs to hide.

When Chloé steps out of the office after Sabrina runs for Marinette, Reflekta finds her and transforms her into Reflekta's mirror image. Marinette sees everything and runs to hide in the library and transforms into Ladybug.