Miraculous Season 1 Episode 20 Pixelator English

Miraculous - Season 1 Episode 20 Pixelator ENGLISH wishmaker

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 20 Pixelator

Caline Bustier talks to her students about how they will be able to try out some of the jobs at Le Grand Paris. As André Bourgeois looks through this list of human jobs, Miss Bustier notices that Marinette and Alya are not on the list. Alya whispers to Marinette that she thinks who knows who was helping the mayor pick the job as she glares at Chloé. Marinette is upset that Chloé is going to spend the whole day with Adrien and declares that today is going to be the worst day ever. Chloé then calls her father and gives him a job sheet for Alya and Marinette. Alya ends up having to sort through the trash in the main bin.

Before Mr. Bourgeois gets a chance to tell Marinette her job, Jagged Stone bursts in with his assistant Penny Rolling and his crocodile, Fang, and requests a deluxe room in the suite. Mr. Bourgeois is initially reluctant to let Jagged in, but after Chloé tells her father who he is, André welcomes him to his hotel. Meanwhile, a Jagged fan sneaks into the hotel and hides behind a desk. A fan, revealed to be Vincent Aza, tries to sneak some photos of Jagged, but is caught by Fang. Vincent asks Jagged for some photos since they are friends, but Jagged tells Vincent that they are not friends. Penny berates him and kicks him out of the hotel, warning him to stay away from Jagged and threatening to take his camera if he ever comes near him again.

Vincent is frustrated by this, and as a result, Hawk Moth is akumatized into a Pixelator.

Afterwards, Mr. Bourgeois tells Marinette that she is a gopher. Alya wonders what it is, and Marinette guesses that it's as bad as a trash can. In Jagged Stone's room, Penny tells André and Marinette that Jagged wants red, white, and blue sunglasses with Eiffel Towers on them. André tells Marinette to get special glasses for Jagged because she is a gopher, explaining that she is someone who finds anything a guest asks for.

Marinette runs out of Le Grand Paris to the Eiffel Tower and buys a pair of sunglasses. Tikki tells Marinette that the glasses she bought are nowhere near what Jagged Stone wants, and that she should do it right the first time. Before Marinette can answer, a passing lady with her child sees Tikki inside Marinette's bag and freaks out. As a cover, Tikki meows and pretends to be a cat.

Marinette gives Jagged the glasses, but he doesn't like them. Marinette tries to explain that she couldn't find the glasses he asked for, but Jagged doesn't care and kicks her out, asking her to find the glasses he wants. Marinette sighs, annoyed that she has to spend more time away from Adrien now. Tikki reminds Marinette of her earlier advice and Marinette decides to take it this time. She gets the idea to make the glasses herself and rushes back to her seat.

The Pixelator goes to the hotel and tricks Kim and the doorman into letting him take their picture, only to pixelate them instead. Pixelator then enters the hotel and Chloé tries to kick him out, saying that her father only allows the biggest celebrities like her to stay in his hotel, however Pixelator then asks to take her photo, which she allows. Realizing that the Pixelator has been akumatized, Adrien tries to push Chloé out of the way, only to be pixelated and transported into a photo with Chloé. In the photo, Adrien tries to find a way out while Chloé tries to manipulate their time alone to "bond" with him

When Marinette returns to the hotel, she notes that Adrien and Chloé are missing, though Tikki reminds her that she has more important things to do. Marinette tries to give Jagged Stone the glasses, but he's busy washing Fang, so Penny takes care of it. As Marinette leaves, the Pixelator walks in and pixelates Penny. Marinette notices and transforms into Ladybug. Just before Jagged Stone is pixelated, Ladybug saves him, but in the process pixelates her right arm. Ladybug carries the Jagged Stone from the hotel to Mr. Damocles' office. She tells Jagged Stone to stay in the office while she goes to capture Pixelator's akuma.

In the photo, Chloé tries to scream at her father while Adrien tries to get away from Chloé to change. He starts to run, but is interrupted by Chloé, who screams and clings to him, pointing at the newly pixelated Fang.

As Ladybug looks around Vincent's room, she finds a stack of photos on the wall that have all of Pixelator's victims inside.

Pixelator captures several Parisians in photos. Nadja Chamacková asks Pixelator a few questions. Jagged Stone, who is watching, decides to go after the Pixelator and give him what he wants. Ladybug eventually appears, though with her right arm gone, it's hard for her to fight and use her yo-yo. Then she slipped and the Pixelator cornered her against the car. She makes a deal with him to free half the people in exchange for a private photo shoot with Jagged Stone. He agrees, although Hawk Moth warns him not to.