Miraculous Season 1 Episode 21 Guitar Villian English

Miraculous - Season 1 Episode 21 Guitar Villain ENGLISH GV-429

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 21 Guitar Villain

 In a room at Le Grand Paris, Jagged Stone plays a new song on electric guitar before being greeted by his agent Penny Rolling and his manager Bob Roth. Jagged Stone asks Bob's opinion, to which he replies that it's not bad. However, to boost Jagged Stone's popularity, Bob suggests recording a duet with the new number one star, XY. Jagged Stone immediately refuses, leading to an argument with his manager. Jagged Stone says that Penny agrees that his music is the best, while Bob retorts that he demands that Jagged Stone be at the top of the charts. Jagged Stone then angrily pushes away Bob's suggestion for the album cover design, stating that it's not "him". Bob tells him that this look is the one that's gaining popularity and insists on using it. Jagged Stone argues, and when she remembers that the sunglasses she's wearing were made by a high school student, Bob asks her to design the album cover.

Bob enters Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie and asks Marinette to create the album cover. He hands her the XY album to show her the style she wants. Marinette comments that this style is not the Jagged Stone style, but Bob insists on using it because it's popular. Marinette eventually accepts the offer and her parents proudly hug her. Marinette is in her room drawing an album cover and listening to XY's music, which she clearly doesn't like. After a moment, Marinette turns off the music in distress and complains about her dislike of XY's music, questions why Jagged Stone would change his style, and laments his design. Tikki questions why Marinette suggested that, to which she says she did as she was told. Tikki tells her to follow her instincts, but Marinette refuses, saying that she must adhere to Mr. Roth's expectations before complaining about the pressure. Tikki replies that Marinette should handle the pressure.

Later, Marinette is in front of Jagged Stone, Penny, and Bob in Jagged Stone's room with her proposed cover. Disappointed, Jagged Stone tells her he doesn't like it and that it's not his style, and dismisses the proposal. Marinette agrees before admitting that it was Mr. Roth's request, but Jagged Stone demands that she remake the cover in his style. After some encouragement, he agrees and sets out to redo the album cover. Penny takes Marinette to the exit and encourages her to do better. Bob Roth calls out to them only for Fang to snap at him for his attack.

After the others are gone, Jagged Stone watches the interview with XY on TVi. The new pop star acts arrogant and foolish, claiming that all music is related to technology to program what people expect, angering Jagged Stone. To make matters worse, XY completely insults Jagged Stone by describing it to Nadja Chamack as old, outdated and worthless. Jagged Stone becomes so enraged that he angrily lashes out at XY and in a fit of rage throws his tablet into Fang's mouth and aggressively plays the guitar to vent his frustration.

Sensing Jagged Stone's frustration, Hawk Moth sends an akuma after him to seize his guitar. Hawk Moth offers Jagged a chance to become the greatest artist of all time and get revenge on XY and akumatizes him into Guitar Villain, and also akumatizes Fang into a dragon.

As Marinette thinks about an idea for the album cover, she meets Adrien outside. Before she can get Adrien's name right, Chloé pushes her away and tells him that she arranged for him to meet the Jagged Stone. As they walked inside the hotel, Marinette realized that Adrien was a Jagged Stone fan and decided to make a cover, this time in her own style.

Adrien meets Guitar Villain and his dragon. Guitar Villain shoots purple energy waves from his guitar, causing two people nearby in the hall to dance uncontrollably. As soon as the elevator doors open behind Adrien and Chloé, Adrien seats her inside. Once the door closes, Adrien transforms into Cat Noir to stop the Guitar Villain.

After Guitar Villain makes a few citizens - in addition to a few pigeons and cars - dance uncontrollably, Cat Noir arrives. Guitar Villain begins to fight him using his orange energy wave, which he calls "Shocking Riff". Marinette saw the commotion and quickly transformed into Ladybug. She arrives just in time to save Cat Noir from being burned to ashes by Dragon Fang.

Dragon Fang flies off with the guitar villain to the Eiffel Tower to begin his revenge on XY. Once Guitar Villain reaches the Eiffel Tower, he punches what he believes to be XY, only to realize that he is actually a hologram. Guitar Villain then angrily asks Théo Barbot where the real XY is. After he initially refuses to answer, Guitar Villain destroys the scene around him with his "Awesome Solo" and Théo immediately tells him that XY is at the TVi studio. After Ladybug and Cat Noir follow and save Theo from dancing out of control, Guitar Villain orders Dragon Fang to go to the studio.

However, Ladybug immediately calls Nadja Chamacková and warns her and everyone else in the studio that XY is in danger. Before Guitar Villain can get to the studio and recording room, XY runs outside with Alec. But when Cat Noir and Ladybug try to get him to safety, Guitar Villain and Dragon Fang swoop in and take XY to the Eiffel Tower. They follow them to the Eiffel Tower as night falls.