Miraculous Season 1 Episode 25 Origins Part 1 English

Miraculous - Season 1 Episode 25 Origins Part 1 ENGLISH OR1-389

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 23 Origins Part 1

 The episode begins with Nooroo telling the story of the Miraculouses, explaining that Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous are more powerful than the others and that whoever controls both Miraculouses will have absolute power. Nooroo is interrupted by a man holding a brooch with a picture of a woman inside. The man claims he wants absolute power. Nooroo says that no one knows where the Ladybug or Cat Miraculouses are, but the man says that he found a brooch that is revealed to be Miraculous and asks Nooroo to remind him of the power of the Butterfly Miraculous. Nooroo explains that the brooch's power is to grant other people superpowers, and the man declares his intention to use it to create supervillains, bringing out the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses with the users to stop him and take the Miraculous. Nooroo protests, saying that Miraculouses are not meant to be used for evil. However, the man insists and forces Nooroo to submit to him as he holds the Butterfly Miraculous. He attaches Butterfly Miraculous to his chest and transforms into Hawk Moth.

Wayzz wakes up and flies off the turntable to Master Wang Fu, who immediately dismisses the man lying on the mat. Once the door closes, the kwami ​​explains that he felt the negative energy of the Butterfly Miraculous. The brooch was originally thought to be lost forever. Determined to get Nooroo back, Wang Fu raises his arm with the Turtle Miraculous on his wrist. He calls out Wayzzo's name to transform, but freezes in pain. When he stands up again, he concludes that a new hero is needed. As he walks over to the record player, he presses a few buttons, causing the record player to reveal the Miracle Box of Miracles.

Marinette wakes up in the bedroom. She turned off the alarm on her cell phone, went downstairs and kissed her mother on the cheek. She complains about her first day of school at breakfast, expecting Chloé Bourgeois to be in her class for the fourth year in a row.

Her mother tries to reassure Marinette that she isn't unlucky, just before Marinette accidentally causes a chain reaction that destroys all the food on the counter. Sabine quietly reassures Marinette and helps her clean up. In the bakery below, Tom Dupain presents Marinette with a box of macarons to share with her class. Marinette hugs her father, kisses both parents and runs out of the bakery.

Marinette arrives at the crosswalk and waits for the light to change. While waiting, Wang Fu crosses the street. When he notices a car heading towards Wang Marinette, he lunges forward and drags it to the sidewalk. In the process, Marinette drops macaroons and people step on them without noticing. He offers one to Wang and goes on his way to school. Holding a box in his hand, Wang takes a stick and walks past the bakery.

Marinette runs past Fred Haprèle and into Miss Bustier's classroom. Miss Bustier is at the front of the class and tells Nino to move to the front row. He gets up as Marinette sits up and moans. Chloé Bourgeois approaches Marinette and orders her to move, claiming that where Marinette has been sitting for the past few years is her place and that she wants to sit behind Adrien.

Chloé, backed up by Sabrina, orders Marinette to sit in the front row next to Alya, the new student. Alya walks over, turns to Chloé, grabs Marinette's arm and pulls her away. In doing so, Marinette trips over her own feet and drops the box of macaroni. As Marinette takes a seat next to Alya, Miss Bustier begins class. Marinette admits that she's afraid she'll never be able to stand up to Chloé, and Alya responds with a quote from her favorite superhero that encourages Marinette to stand up to evil. Marinette breaks the remaining macaron and gives half to Alya as the two introduce themselves.

Outside the building, Adrien runs towards the school, but a car turns to meet him. Nathalie Sancoeur yells at him to stop because his father won't let him go to school. Adrien protests but notices an old man lying on the ground with a wand out of his reach. Adrien runs past Nathalie and his bodyguard to cane the man and help him to his feet. When he turns around, Nathalie and the bodyguard block the stairs, usher Adrien back into the car and drive him home. Wang Fu nods to himself, puts his staff on his shoulder and leaves.

Back in Miss Bustier's classroom, Miss Bustier dismisses her class. As the students leave, Kim gives Ivan a message. Ivan reacts angrily and Miss Bustier sends him to Mr. Damocles. Sensing Ivan's anger and sadness, Hawkmoth sends out its first akuma.

Outside the school, Mr. D'Argencourt leads Kim, Max, Alix, Nino, and Rose to class. Inside the school, Ivan opens the door to Mr. Damocles' office. Since he didn't knock, Mr. Damocles makes Ivan leave the room and knock on the door. Ivan angrily leaves the room and an akuma flies into the crumpled note. Ivan almost immediately accepts Hawk Moth's suggestion to get revenge on those who wronged him and transforms into Stoneheart. Mr. Damocles asks Ivan if he's knocking and the door flies off its hinges. Stoneheart enters the room and shouts Kim's name. The impact causes Mr. Damocles to fall, and the students in the library also topple over with each step Stoneheart takes.

The students scream as they run to the TV in the library, Alya picks up Marinette and pulls her hand. On the top left of the screen is Stoneheart yelling Kim's name. Mr. Damocles calls the police and the military in his office. Marinette has no idea what's going on or why the monster has Ivan's voice. Alya, on the other hand, claims that a superhero will show up to fight the villain, leaving Marinette behind in the library to chase after Stoneheart. Before Stoneheart leaves the school grounds, he picks up the car and throws it into the school, disabling the camera.

Wang Fu is standing in front of the Agreste mansion with a small box in his hands and smiling. Inside the mansion, Nathalie asks Adrien questions about history, but Gabriel Agreste interrupts her, scolding Adrien for sneaking out, telling him that the mansion has everything he could ever want and that the outside world is too dangerous. Nathalie then says that they could stop homeschooling if Adrien wanted to. Before they can finish, Adrien runs from the room to his bedroom. Adrien is lying on the bed crying with his face in the pillow, but when he hears a rumble, he runs outside. He sees police cars and hears sirens. The police readied their weapons as Stoneheart approached and fired at Roger Raincomprix's command. When fired, Stoneheart glows yellow, curling in on itself before growing. He picks up the police van and throws it as the cops scatter.