Miraculous Season 1 Episode 26 Origins Part 2 Stoneheart

Miraculous - Season 1 Episode 26 Origins Part 2 Stone Heart ENGLISH OR-2-209

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 23 Origins Part 2 Stone Heart

 Continuing from the previous episode, with innocent victims turning into immobile Stonehearts all over Paris, Marinette subtly asks her father for advice on the situation and they reply that Ladybug will return and save the city. When Marinette expresses her doubts, Tom just reassures her. She runs to her room and after a short pause on the way she pulls out her earrings.

At the Agreste mansion, Nathalie discovers that Adrien has left, much to her father's anger. Adrien is then seen running as fast as he can, trying to get to the school before Nathalie and the gorilla catch up to him.

Meanwhile, Marinette arrives at the school. Alya informs her of a new website she has created called Ladyblog and assures Marinette that Ladybug will save the city once more.

Marinette meets Chloé mocking Ivan, calling him a monster and making fun of his crush on Mylène. In his lair, Hawk Moth identifies Ivan's anger and prepares to unleash another akuma. Adrien arrives at the school just as Nathalie gets out of the car and tells him not to go through with it, but Adrien ignores her and goes either way.

Alya confronts Chloé about her attitude towards Ivan, but Chloé retorts, causing Alya to run away. Adrien, who has just entered the school, greets Chloé who runs towards him as everyone else recognizes who he is.

Marinette goes to Ivan and advises him to tell Mylène how he feels and to think positively. He agrees and Marinette suggests different ways he could win Mylène and inspire him to write her a song. Marinette agrees and encourages Ivan's idea to remind him again to stay positive. Feeling better, Ivan silently thanks Marinette and runs off to work on his song. Hawk Moth angrily notices that Ivan's negative emotions are disappearing.

Adrien is guided around the school by Chloé as she signs autographs along the way. She leads him into his classroom and directs him to the seat in the front, in front of her. He sits down next to Nino, who ignores him because he's friends with Chloé. Adrien was surprised. But then he notices Chloé sticking gum to the seat. He asks her and goes to remove the gum himself.

Meanwhile, Marinette goes to her class with Alya and slips her Miraculous into Alya's bag. They walk into the classroom and see Adrien hunched over her seat, allegedly sticking gum on it. Marinette angrily confronts him as he tries in vain to defend himself. Marinette puts a napkin over her gum and sits down angrily. Alya and Marinette soon discover that Adrien is a famous model and the son of Marinette's favorite fashion designer, Gabriel Agreste. He shakes his head in disgust. However, Nino recognizes that Adrien is nice and agrees to be his new friend.

Mylène runs out of the bathroom, fearing she'll be late for class, before running into Ivan. Ivan then tells her that he wrote her a song and sings it out loud, causing Mylène to run away. Ivan gets angry again and akumatizes again. With his re-akumatization, all the immobilized Stonehearts come to life and start terrorizing Paris.

In class, Miss Bustier is participating in front of Ivan when Stoneheart angrily calls his name. He kidnaps Mylène and Chloé and runs out of the classroom, chased by Alya, who wants footage for her blog. Alya leaves her bag of earrings behind Marinette, so Marinette takes it and follows her. Adrien rushes to his locker to transform into Cat Noir.

Chloé is still complaining as Stoneheart kidnaps her before Cat Noir approaches and hits Stoneheart, causing him to grow larger. At Chloé's request for cavalry, Stoneheart also brings all his minions. Cat Noir barely escapes them as the original Stoneheart escapes with Myène and Chloé. Alya heads straight for the commotion in an attempt to capture footage of Ladybug saving the day, but is crushed by a car against a building. At this point, Marinette is left confused as she struggles with what to do while Alya and Cat Noir scream for help. Left with no choice, Marinette puts on her earrings. Tikki makes an adorable appearance and Marinette tells her that she has decided to continue as Ladybug, to which Tikki replies that she knew it was coming after all. Marinette admits that she's not sure she's up to the task, but her boyfriend needs her and she can't sit around and do nothing; turns into Ladybug. Once she becomes Ladybug, she lifts the car and frees Alya; he then tells Aly to leave and that it's too dangerous.

Ladybug swings away and hands Cat Noir her staff, which she uses to escape from Stoneheart. After some conversation, the two set out to chase the original Stoneheart to the Eiffel Tower. At the top of the Eiffel Tower, Stoneheart decides to throw Chloé off the tower to get rid of her. As Chloé fearfully approaches the ground, Ladybug suddenly catches her and saves her life.

As the police prepare to fire, Ladybug argues with Roger Raincomprix, who tells her to leave the job to the professionals. Ladybug begins to doubt herself, but it doesn't take long for Cat Noir to reassure her that she can do it, telling her that Chloé won't be there without her. Suddenly, Stoneheart coughs, spits out a swarm of akumas and falls down, revealing Hawk Moth's face made of akumas. He tells all of Paris his name and then demands that Ladybug and Cat Noir give up their Miraculouses. Ladybug retorts, saying that Hawk Moth can't just reverse the roles of heroes and villains. She uses her yo-yo to knock Hawk Moth's head off, standing up for herself and all of Paris before clearing Hawk Moth's akumas. Cat Noir smiles and realizes that he is in love with whoever Ladybug is.

The two heroes then focus on Stoneheart. Back at his lair, Hawk Moth, angry that the heroes are being too 'heroic', convinces Stoneheart to attack Ladybug and Cat Noir. Stoneheart complies and summons his entire army to surround them. In a pinch, Ladybug comes up with a plan to bring Stoneheart and Mylène together. Ladybug reaches the top of the Eiffel Tower and comforts a frightened Mylène.

Summons his Lucky Charm, Parachute. Ladybug uses her yo-yo to bring Mylène and Stoneheart together to kiss, causing a surprised Stoneheart to drop both Mylène and his crumpled song, the akumatized object. They both start to fall and Ladybug goes after the akumatized object and cleans it. He uses the parachute to rescue Mylène and tells Cat Noir to take care of Ivan.

Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm to create a platform and rescue Ivan. The ladybug swings back up and cleans the akuma. He then blows up the parachute and its energy returns everything to normal, creating the first Miraculous Ladybug event. In his lair, Hawk Moth vows to one day retrieve their Miraculouses and have his secret