Reunion Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 8 English Dub

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Miraculous Season 5 Episode 8 Reunion

 Alim Kubdel oversees the placing of antiques in his museum when Marinette, invited to the museum, asks Alya why she can't be in love with Cat Noir, wondering if the other Ladybugs were in love with other Black Cats. He asks Tikki and she suggests Jeanne d'Arc and how she fell in love with the Black Cat holder. Tikki says that there was no ruler for them and that she will have to ask Jeanne d'Arc herself using her Kwagatama for more information. Alya watches to make sure no one comes. Marinette begins the meeting by touching her Kwagatama to the base of the painting of Jeanne d'Arc. Marinette trips and accidentally knocks over the painting. There is an old hidden letter in the back. The letter is from Alix.

Meanwhile, Adrien asks for permission to accept an invitation from Mr. Kubdel, invites him to the museum and gets permission. At the museum, Mr. Kubdel reads letters written by Alix and shows the students who have been invited photos of Bunnyx from her past adventures. During the excursion, Jalil Kubdel claims that Ladybug kidnapped his sister and uses the Alliance ring to show posts that confirm his theory. His father says he spends a lot of time on the Internet. Jalil leaves angrily. Alim says he had trouble coming to terms with the loss of his sister.

Marinette and Alya return to where they were when they found the hidden letter. Marinette uses her kwagatama and manages to get in touch with Jeanne d'Arc. After Tikki explains to Marinette the situation and why she was summoned, Jeanne d'Arc becomes angry with Marinette and demands that she end the reunion.

Meanwhile, Jalil listens to people's comments about Ladybug and is convinced by one from Lily that Monarch is good while Ladybug and Cat Noir are villains. He hopes Monarch will akumatize him and promises to get the Miraculouses of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Meanwhile, in his lair, Monarch senses Jalil's plea and strong emotions. He creates a megakuma and absorbs Kaalki into his ring. He then uses Voyage's power to teleport the megakuma to Jalil. Monarch says he will get Rabbit Miraculous back and make amends to Emilia and Nathalie. Megakuma goes into the binder that Jalil is carrying. Jalil akumatizes on Pharaoh. Monarch then transfers the essence of Turtle Miraculous by absorbing Wayzz and giving him the power of protection on Pharaoh. He uses it on the Book of Truth, a book capable of telling him the truth from the lies, to protect her.

The Book of Truth turns the museum into a giant pyramid that traps the people inside. Meanwhile, Jeanne d'Arc keeps telling Marinette to end the reunion. Adrien is outside the museum and transforms into Cat Noir and inside the museum Marinette transforms into Ladybug. Ladybug is surprised to still see Jeanne d'Arc. Mr. Kubdel is trapped in the Book of Truth page because he answered a question incorrectly. Cat Noir manages to enter the museum and free some people by answering the Book of Truth question correctly.

Ladybug answers one of the questions the Book of Truth asks her. When Jeanne d'Arc sees Cat Noir, she is surprised at how weak he is and wonders how Ladybug could have fallen in love with him. When the Book asks Ladybug and Cat Noir a question from the future, they realize that only Bunny can answer it because she has time travel abilities. Ladybug uses her Lucky Charm and gets a pen. He thinks and realizes how to answer the book's question.

He takes the museum brochure and writes to Bunnyx what is happening in the present and puts the brochure behind the painting. In the future, Alix finds the booklet and reads the instructions Ladybug wrote for her. He transforms into Bunnyx and uses his power, the Burrow, to travel to July 14th, 200 years after the letter was written. He notices that there is a thunderstorm and draws a symbol on the brochure. Bunnyx travels to the moment when Mr. Kubdel was putting in a new antique and hides it under the cat statue that Ladybug told her to hide.

Meanwhile, in the present, Ladybug finds a booklet under the cat statue and sees Bunnyx's drawing of the answer and uses it to answer the question posed by the Book of Truth. Ladybug and Cat Noir finally come face to face with the Pharaoh. Cat Noir uses his power and cataclysms the shield that protects the book, only for the Pharaoh to use his power on the book again. The ladybug convinces the pharaoh to ask about his book to see if Alix really wanted to help the ladybug. After seeing that Ladybug was right all along, he realizes that Monarch lied to him and rejects the megakum.

After clearing the megakuma and repairing the damage with her Lucky Charm, Pharaoh is deakumatized back to Jalil. After seeing the note left by Bunnyx, Jeanne d'Arc is proud of Ladybug. Monarch transforms into Mr. Agreste and apologizes to Nathalie for not being able to get the Miraculous of the Rabbit. Jeanne d'Arc tells her story about her love life to Marinette. Jeanne d'Arc was known as The Scarlet Fate and fell in love with a Black Cat Miraculous holder called The Dark Grimalkin after they fought. They both wanted to be in love with each other and displeased the kings and The Scarlet Fate and The Dark Grimalkin gave up their Miraculouses.

After the reunion ends, Marinette learns that a romance between the holder of Ladybug and the holder of the Miraculous Black Cat can happen, but the ending can be unpredictable. At the Agreste mansion, while Adrien lies on his bed, Plagg makes him his own kwagatama at the end of the episode.