Miraculous Season 2 Episode 19 SANDBOY

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 19 SANDBOY

 While watching the Cat Noir memes, Marinette notices that Tikki is upset about something. Tikki explains that it's Nooroo's 3500th birthday and he's spending it all alone. Marinette promises him that one day she will free him from Hawk Moth, but Tikki claims that there may be a faster solution. He explains how whenever a kwami ​​has a birthday or cycle, the other kwami ​​are able to communicate with them by gathering in the Magic Box. Marinette thinks this is a great idea since they can find out where Hawk Moth is and asks when the kwami ​​have to gather. Tikki explains that it's tonight, which shocks Marinette since Tikki didn't tell her earlier. Tikki explains that this is because Master Fu doesn't want kwamis to leave their holders' side in case someone is akumatized. Marinette suggests that it's fine as long as the other kwami ​​are there, but Tikki explains that communication may not work if it doesn't, because the more kwami ​​present, the better the chance of success. She then explains the plan Plagg came up with where she and she would go into the Wonder Box with the other kwami ​​while Wayzz would stand guard and warn them if anyone was akumatized. Marinette thinks this is a good idea and allows Tikki to go. Tikki grabs the yellow tag from Marinette's room and takes off.

At the Agreste mansion, Nathalie bids Gabriel goodnight. After she leaves, Nooroo tries to leave Gabriel's side, but is stopped by his master, who reminds him that he is not allowed to be more than a few feet away from him or interact with anyone else. Nooroo reminds his master that it's his birthday, but Gabriel stands his ground. He states that since Nooroo doesn't seem to understand his rules, he can't communicate at all. Nooroo tries to speak but his mouth is magically sealed. Gabriel soon rescinds the rule, claiming it was "just a joke". Suddenly, Butterfly Miraculous lights up and alerts Gabriel that someone in Paris has negative emotions. He goes to his lair, transforms into Hawk Moth and sends the akuma out. Meanwhile, in Adrien's room, Plagg tells Adrien that he is going to sleep, but sneaks out, leaving a sock puppet behind.

Plagg meets Tikki and asks her what lie she told her owner to sneak in, but Tikki explains that she just told Marinette the truth. Plagg wonders if he should try and swallows a piece of ermine. Tikki tells Plagg that he should have saved some for the others, but Plagg claims that Tikki's kindness caused the hunger. The two kwami ​​go to Master Fu's massage shop and meet Wayzz, who warns them not to wake up the sleeping Master Fu. After Wayzz tells them to wish Nooroo his 3500th birthday, Tikki and Plagg go to the Wonder Box. There they meet the other kwami ​​who ask the two what they brought for them. Plagg explains that he brought some cheese, but then gave it to a "poor, starving kitten" while Tikki shows them a yellow marker. All the kwami ​​then start dancing to celebrate Nooro's birthday. Sass comments on how wise it was of Tikki and Plagg's owners to allow them to come into the Miracle Box. Plagg nervously agrees as Tikki tries to say Marinette's name as she answers. However, he cannot do so due to a spell that prevents kwamis from speaking their holders' names in front of others.

Marinette sleeps in her room, but is soon woken up by Adrien's zombie lookalike, who keeps ranting about how much he loves Chloé. Marinette runs to her balcony and sees the akumatized villain Sandboy chanting "The Sandboy just checked in! Now the nightmares can begin!". Marinette tries to transform into Ladybug, but realizes she can't because Tikki isn't with her. Marinette sneaks up to Master Fu while her father is attacked by a dough that has come to life. Meanwhile, the doors and windows of Adrien's bedroom turn into a cage. Adrien tries to wake Plagg, but is horrified to find his puppet instead.

All the kwami ​​gather in a circle and chant in an attempt to contact Nooroo, but have no luck. Plagg suggests they bring Wayzz, to which Sass agrees. Plagg comes out of the Wonder Box and questions Wayzz. At first he refuses because he has to keep watch, but when Plagg points out that this is their only chance to find Nooroo and Hawk Moth, Wayzz goes with Plagg. With Wayzz joining them, the kwami ​​begin to make contact.

Marinette arrives at Master Fu's workshop and sneaks past the sleeping Master Fu. He tries to open the magic box in an attempt to contact Tikki, but doesn't know the code. Seeing no other option, he awakens Master Fu, who is haunted by the spirits of the Guardian Order, who blame him for his downfall and the loss of the two Miraculous. Nightmare Adrien also bursts in through the door. Master Fu urges Marinette to transform but she can't because Tikki is inside the Magic Box and there is no way to contact the kwami ​​while they are there. Meanwhile, Adrien is trapped by more and more bars in the cage. Without Plagg, Adrien is unable to transform and cries out for his father.

Hawk Moth notes that Sandboy is turning Paris into a giant nightmare, yet is confused by the absence of Ladybug and Cat Noir. He suddenly receives kwamis communication. The Kwami are shocked to find that they contacted Hawk Moth instead of Nooroo. When Hawk Moth realizes what they are planning, he declares that he will find the kwami ​​and make them his slaves before trying to find them. However, the kwamis interrupted the signal before Hawk Moth could determine their exact location. Wayzz realizes they can't contact Nooroo because she's powering Hawk Moth, meaning someone has been akumatized. Tikki, Plagg and Wayzz quickly run out of the Wonder Box to their owners. They find Marinette, Master Fu, and Adrien's nightmare. Realizing that the latter is not the one, Plagg retreats to the Agreste mansion while Tikki and Wayzz go to their owners. Wayzz apologizes to Master Fu for not telling him what they were doing and Tikki helps Marinette transform into Ladybug.