Miraculous Season 2 Episode 25 MAYURA

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 25 Mayura

 The Prime Queen announces on live television that everyone will witness the Scarlet Moth's victory and Heroes' Day will become Villains' Day. As his army of villains chant his name, Catalyst informs Scarlet Moth that the time has come and informs Ladybug and Cat Noir that they must surrender their Miraculouses to him if they wish to save Paris and all its inhabitants. Cat Noir asks Ladybug what she thinks and she replies that she knows Hawk Moth has probably been planning this for a long time and wonders if they are really ready. Cat Noir assures her that they are because they defeated all of his akumatized villains before and reminds her that five of them are super now. Ladybug confidently informs Hawk Moth that she hopes he enjoyed Volpina's illusion because the real Ladybug will never surrender her Miraculous to him. Cat Noir intervenes and suggests that Hawk Moth give his Miraculous five supers. Rena Rouge and Carapace also add that even though Hawk Moth has an army of supervillains, it's a super team (called the "superhero team"), and Queen Bee says that Hawk Moth "will wish he never wore that completely ridiculous costume. ". Therefore, Scarlet Moth orders Guitar Villain and Frightningale to play uproarious music while the other supervillains fight the superteam.

As the supers and Akumatized super-villains race against each other, Ladybug reminds everyone that their main goal is to defeat Hawk Moth. They fight the supervillains and manage to deakumatize Pharaoh, Princess Fragrance, Riposte, and Pantomime. Scarlet Moth watches the battle unfold and says everything is going according to plan, with Catalyst adding how fun it is to watch the supers think victory is possible when the future is already decided. Scarlet Moth then sends Dark Cupid after the bourgeois family while André makes a speech to the citizens of Paris telling them that he will not yield to wickedness before his wife calls him to join her and leave Paris. André wonders where his daughter is, and Audrey says she's probably "acting great" again. Just then, Dark Cupid takes a shot at them and Butler Jean, causing their emotions about Chloé being super to turn negative and saying that Chloé shouldn't be playing superhero and should be punished. Scarlet Moth sends akuma after each of them, and by offering them the power to punish Chloé for her disobedience, transforms them back into the Queen of Style, the Maledictator, and the Bear of Despair.

The super team was able to deakumatize Stormy Weather and Rogercop. Ladybug informs Hawk Moth that his days of harming innocent people will soon be over. He then summons his Lucky Charm and gets a tennis racket. Ladybug quickly comes up with a plan and tells everyone to get ready. But before he can implement it, Dark Cupid fires arrows at all the deakumatized ones, causing their emotions to become negative and therefore reakumatized. Cat Noir and the other heroes realize that Hawk Moth is using Dark Cupid to create negative emotions to akumatize people. As the five heroes continue to fight, Scarlet Moth sends a swarm of akumas onto the battlefield.

Dark Cupid is about to shoot Carapace with his arrow, but Rena Rouge jumps in the way and gets hit instead. With that, her emotions turn negative and she angrily starts insulting Carapace. Ladybug tries to convince Rena Rouge not to fall into negative emotions and Carapace even restrains her, but it doesn't lead to anything. Queen Bee Ladybug promises to never let negative emotions rule her, but Scarlet Moth says she should never say never, as Style Queen and Maledictator come before the superhero. Meanwhile, Rena Rouge pushes Carapace away and allows the akum to infect her Miraculous, turning her into Rena Rage. Sad that he couldn't save her, Carapace is also akumatized into Shell Shock. Despair Bear sneaks up behind Queen Bee and holds her in place while Dark Cupid shoots an arrow at her. An akuma then enters her Miraculous and transforms her into the Wasp Queen. Cat Noir suggests that Ladybug use her luck charm, but Ladybug says that it won't work because it required everyone's help. So instead, Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm on the ground, allowing him and Ladybug to escape underneath.

Ladybug and Cat Noir escape into the sewers and run on opposite sides of the sewers, transforming back into their civilian alter egos. As he feeds his kwami, Marinette comments on how Hawk Moth has never reanimated so many people at once, noting that something has changed. Adrien believes he has figured out a way to enhance his powers just like them. Marinette wonders if they will be able to defeat him without a team, but Adrien assures her that they can. Just then, the duo hear the akumatized villains heading towards them, so they quickly feed their kwami ​​aqua power-ups and jump into the sewer waters as they transform. They are soon met by Syren and Animan, but they start a duel and manage to deakumatize the two. As they return upstairs, Frozer uses his powers to turn part of Paris into ice, causing the sewers to freeze. Luckily, Ladybug and Cat Noir escape this just in time and transform into their normal superhero forms and deakumatize Frozer. Ladybug then announces to all of Paris that the real Ladybug is back and releases all the purified akumas, giving the citizens hope. With that, Scarlet Moth angrily orders the Prime Queen to stop filming.

But when the duo saw Hawk Moth's army retreating, they ran into a blockade created by the people of Paris who had come to support them. Ladybug and Cat Noir thank them but tell them to be careful and head for the Scarlet Moth. Along the way, he sees a reason why they shouldn't give up. Scarlet Moth then tells Catalyst that the heroes are more resilient than he expected, but Catalyst tells him that they still have the last part of their plan. With that, Scarlet Moth walks over to the other side of the Eiffel Tower.