Miraculous Season 4 Episode 13 Optigami

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Miraculous ladybug Season Episode 13 Optigami Original

 The episode opens with Gabriel and Nathalie on her bed. Nathalie reminds Gabriel that during the events of Miracle Queen, they discovered the identities of some of the Miraculous holders. Nathalie says that after that day she created a sentimonster called "Optigami" and that he followed all the Miraculous holders but never found anything important. She says that Ladybug sometimes confides in Miraculous to people, but she has private rules that don't allow anyone to reveal her secret identity. Nathalie mentions that even Optigami hasn't been following her and that it's useless now, but Gabriel disagrees that Optigami will be very helpful in uncovering Ladybug's identity. He then points out a security vulnerability when Ladybug gets Miraculous. Nathalie then asks how to collect all the Miraculous holders, which she tells Audrey, who is upset with the staff. Gabriel tells her in the beginning that his son will win the ceremony, to which she promises that she will not let him down.

In Marinette's room, Alya explains the invitation Marinette received to the kwamis, who asked why Marinette was standing there looking at the invitation. The Kwami ask if they can come but Marinette declines their offer as she is a guardian but Trixx says she can go as she has a retainer, even Alya agrees as she knows her secret but Marinette still doesn't approve. Later some of her friends go to an event where Marinette and Alya discuss their stuff but Alya is trying to keep Marinette and Adrien together so she tries to push Marinette into the elevator but Marinette is afraid that if he and she touch hands , but she quickly tries to act normal when she sees Adrien watching her. As the event is about to start, Audrey seems upset with the crew member for not starting the show, but explains that they are waiting for the show's host, Alec Cataldi. Meanwhile, the Optigami sentimonster lands on Adrien's poster, who follows them to show what he sees, Nathalie sees that all the Miraculous holders are in the event and informs Gabriel, who is currently Shadow Moth. Shadow Moth goes into the bathroom where Alec is playing a video game, he captivates and creates a sentimonster of the host, the real Alec comes out confused by someone who looks like him. Shadow Moth orders him to go to the event, the real Alec is shocked and terrified by the person impersonating him. The sential enters the action and starts the show by humiliating Audrey, even Chloé starts laughing at her, but Audrey tries to humiliate him, but he keeps talking to her, making her the perfect victim to akumatize her.

Sensing her humiliation, Shadow Moth sends akuma to turn her back into Style Queen, who now has the power to turn people into golden glitter, Audrey accepts his offer and becomes Style Queen. People at the event start to panic to run, Marinette and Alya warn each other, causing Alya to take Nino to a safe place to be ready when Ladybug calls them on their Miraculouses, Senti Alec seems to still be mocking her akumatized form and she he replies that he will be the first to suffer, he aims but misses him. Adrien protecting Chloé when Style Queen almost targets him but Kagami starts throwing chairs at her and tells Adrien to run to a safe area before turning into gold glitter. In the room, Nathalie notices that Kagami, the holder of the Dragon Miraculous, has been defeated and orders Optigami to search for other Miraculous holders. Adrien runs into the elevator where he was about to transform but Marinette came to transform as well and almost said "Tikki" but she told him about something else, they wait in the elevator and promise that Ladybug and Cat Noir will save them. Style Queen is in the event room looking to see if there are others but Chloé is yelling where to find Alec but Style Queen refuses to listen as she was laughing when she was humiliated on TV so when she shoots Chloé she uses Zoé as her shield, but they both end up as gold glitter. In Nathalia's room, she notices that Chloé, the holder of the Bee Miraculous, is defeated and orders the Optigami to find another holder. On the emergency stairs, Max is seen leading the others to run fast and escape the building immediately, but the Optigami see this as Nathalie tells Gabriel where they are going, Shadow Moth tells Style Queen that people are trying to escape, which upsets her and transforms the building. into a gold glitter building to trap them, then appear at the entrance of the building and turn people into gold glitter. Meanwhile, stuck in the elevator, Marinette and Adrien try to get out but can't, so Marinette texts Alya about her situation, which Alya tries to guess who she's with and hints if she's in the area with Adrien, which Marinette she says yes, then Nino receives a text from Adrien saying he's trapped in an elevator with Marinette, which Nino looks happy because they're together, to which Alya tries to laugh along with him, trying to excuse herself to signal for Ladybug to which Nino tries to join but she quickly excuses herself that she has somewhere to go, kisses Nino on the cheek and tells him she'll be back.