Miraculous Season 4 Episode 22 Ephemeral

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 22 Ephemeral 100th English Ephemeral

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 22 Ephemeral

 The episode opens with Gabriel standing in front of Emilia's cryogenic pod in the storage facility. He tells her that he has done everything for her and will do it a hundred times over if needed. He then gets a call from Nathalie saying it's time for the 100th Gabriel brand collection conference and leaves the warehouse.

Outside the Agreste mansion, Bob Roth's coin falls into a roadside drain and he becomes upset at the thought of losing the money. As a result of Bob Roth's negative emotions, Butterfly Miraculous lights up and alerts Gabriel just as the limo arrives at the conference. He tells Adrien that he's not feeling well and Adrien fills in for him instead. Adrien tries to protest but Gabriel insists and spins the ring. Adrien sadly obeys and is dropped off alone.

Moolak, the akumatized form of Bob Roth, turns people into coins and stores them in his vault. Shadow Moth reminds Moolak of the Ladybug and Cat Miracles and will take his powers back if he disobeys him. Just then, Ryuko uses her lightning power on the safe, but is unable to break it. Ladybug, along with Ryuko, Pegasus, Vesperia, Pigella, Purple Tigress, King Monkey, Carapace, Viperion, and Polymouse are shown fighting Moolak. Ryuko says that it is impossible to enter the vault without opening its door. Then Ladybug tells Pegasus to use Voyage to get into the safe. However, when he uses it, he cannot get into the vault due to the lack of space in the vault. Vesperia says that it must be cataclysmized to defeat him, but Ladybug replies that she was texting Cat Noir, but he doesn't pick up on it. During the conference, Adrien watches everything unfold in the building while Nathalie coaches him over the earpiece when he is distracted by the battle above the building. Ladybug finally gives up and uses her Lucky Charm, which gives her a fire truck. Ladybug then ties up Moolak with her yo-yo while Polymouse distracts him with Multitude. Vesperia, who is then protected by Carapace's Shell-ter, allowing her to safely paralyze Moolak with Venom's help. Viperion uses Second Chance and rerolls every time he gets his safe password wrong. After 100 tries, he cracks the code, pulls out an akumatized coin and throws it to the Ladybug. Ladybug takes the coin and uses Miraculous Ladybug on it, fixing everything back to normal. Adrien watches the Miraculous Ladybug effect from the conference venue and the heroes do their signature "Pound It" punch. Meanwhile, in the lair of the Shadow Moths, Shadow Moth vows to retrieve his Miraculouses, even if it takes another 100 tries.

Back in the sewers, Viperion transforms into Luka. As Snake is about to give the Miraculous to Ladybug, Grandmaster Su-Han appears and grabs Luke's hand to prevent him from giving the Miraculous. Grandmaster Su-Han gets angry at Ladybug for releasing the nine Miraculous, even though she only needed Cat Noir and his cataclysm to defeat the supervillain. Ladybug protests that he was unattainable, but Su-Han counters that what if she uses Miraculous's power for her own good, like Shadow Moth. Ladybug asks what she should do about it, to which Su-Han replies that she should know his identity in order to control him. Ladybug protests that she can't do that in case Shadow Moth captures one of them. Su-Han says he doesn't care and if he doesn't, he'll take Cat Miraculous back and name the new Cat Noir. Thinking of an idea, Ladybug asks Su-Han if she's okay with knowing Cat Noir's identity directly. Grandmaster Su-Han agrees to this and reminds Ladybug that if she fails this task, Cat Miraculous will be taken away and Ladybug agrees. Then Grandmaster Su-Han jumps out of the sewers.

The scene changes to Adrien's bathroom where he tells Plagg about how Ladybug had to call him for help during the fight. He quickly transforms into Cat Noir and checks his cat phone to find he has 14 voicemails. He points out that Ladybug must have been furious and calls her. Cat Noir is worried he's going to get into trouble, but Ladybug says it's okay and tells him to meet him at the Eiffel Tower.

Back in the sewers, Luka and Marinette are detransformed and feeding their kwami. Luka asks Marinette how she will reveal Grandmaster Su-Han's identity to Cat Noir. She tells him that a superhero can know either Ladybug or Cat Noir's identity, but not both because they need one of the superheroes to fight. However, this is not the case for Ladybug and Cat Noir, as if one of them were to akumatize, it would mean that the other's identity would be compromised. Marinette and Luka then transform back into Ladybug and Viperion.

Ladybug now tells Viperion her plan. Viperion is supposed to stay back in the sewers while Ladybug goes and meets Cat Noir at the Eiffel Tower. When he asks for Cat Noir's identity, Viperion hears the name over the earpiece and then turns back time. Viperion will remember the name, but Ladybug won't, so their identities will be protected. Viperion reveals the identity of Grandmaster Su-Han to Cat Noir and their mission is accomplished. Viperion questions why he shouldn't directly ask Cat Noir about his identity since it would be less complicated and easier to achieve. Ladybug tells him that Cat Noir won't tell anyone but herself his identity. He hands Viperion the receiver from his bug phone and puts one on. Viperion asks if it's okay if he knows Cat Noir's identity, and Ladybug says that as long as she doesn't know who he is, it's okay.

The scene changes to Ladybug standing on the Eiffel Tower waiting for Cat Noir as Viperion asks her if Cat Noir will tell her his identity. She tells him that Cat Noir has wanted to find out their identities since the day they first met. He sees Cat Noir approaching the Eiffel Tower and tells Viperion to stay put. He checks his clock and waits until it's 1am and tells Viperion that they are in sync. Viperion uses his Second Chance power and begins a 5 minute countdown. Ladybug tells Viperion to spin on her signal and turns to meet Cat Noir.

Cat Noir apologizes for not coming to the akuma battle, but Ladybug waves it off. She tells him how great her team is, but Cat Noir is quick to ask why Ladybug wanted to meet him with her. She tells him that ever since she became a guardian, she's been wondering why they should reveal their identities. Cat Noir is shocked and tells her that their secret identities are to protect them. Ladybug counters by saying how they need to communicate when not transformed and defeat Shadow Moth faster. Cat Noir sighs and says he's Adrien Agreste, but Ladybug ignores him and laughs that she's Audrey Bourgeois.