Miraculous Season 5 Episode 3 Destruction English Dub

Destruction Miraculous Season 5 Episode 3 English Dub Destruction

Miraculous Season 5 Episode Destruction

 The episode opens with Marinette in her room watching Aly's Ladyblog video about Monarch having all the Miraculous. As Marinette tries to turn the volume down, Alya suddenly enters the room and hears that she was watching Ladyblog. Marinette tries to explain that the video started on its own, and Alya "agrees" with her. Alya then asked if she wanted fruit, to which Marinette said yes. Upon returning, Alya tells Marinette to stop thinking about the Monarch and get some rest. When Alya returns, Marinette re-opens the video of Alya telling Ladybug and Cat Noir to be extra careful, and Marinette is worried.

At the vault, Gabriel swears to Emilia that he will get Ladybug's Miraculous, then turns to Kwamise and says they will help him do it. He goes to the Grimoire and reads it. He then orders Orikko to give him the Time Travel power since Orikko's power is Sublimation. But he can't do it because time travel is Fluff's power and he can't copy another Kwami's power. Gabriel asks him if he's trying to trick him, to which he tells Gabriel to read the Grimoire again. As he rereads it, Sass explains that each Kwami represents one concept and that a concept can only exist once in the universe. Xuppu goes to Gabriel and explains by taking Tikki as an example. Since Tikki is the Kwami of Creation, there can only be one concept of Creation. If there is another power of Creation, then it will be called replication instead of Creation. Gabriel then asks Orikko to give him the power to find the Miraculouses Ladybug and Cat Noir, but Orikko says it's not a power, but a wish. Xuppu explains again that when he asks Santa for a pair of socks, it's a wish, but if he asks him to give him the power to knit socks, then Santa should first know how to knit socks himself to teach him. Frustrated, Gabriel asks Orikko to give him the power to reveal Ladybug and Cat Noir's secret identities. But again, he can't do that because Sublimation can't disrupt Kwami's other magic, such as how the Miraculous hide the identity of their holders.

In anger, Gabriel says that Orikko is a useless Kwami to whom he gets hurt and the other Kwami begin to mock Gabriel. He silences them all in frustration. Gabriel says he only needs the Kwami, not their power, to reveal their Guardian's identity. He allows them to speak and orders them to say the name of their Keeper. But when all the Kwami say Ladybug, Gabriel grows frustrated and says he already knows. He wants them to tell him Ladybug's name, but they can't say her name because she hasn't given them up yet. Eventually Gabriel finds a loophole and orders the Kwami to reveal the location of the Guardian's location as there are no rules against it. Frightened, Ziggy tells him to just follow the scent of the croissants. Gabriel transforms into a monarch, unites the miraculous butterflies, horses, turtles and bees and says it's time to catch the Ladybug.

The scene shifts to Marinette's house where Tom is baking some croissants. Sabine comes in and asks him why he's baking bread. While kneading the dough, Tom explains to her that since he is no superhero, he does what he does best, which is baking bread and pastries. He hopes that when people eat his bread, Monarch will have fewer victims to akumatize. Sabine tastes a piece of bread and says that she loves it more every day. Then they both start to knead the dough and sing together.

In her room, Marinette is lying on her bed checking the latest news about the event on her phone. She tries to think of something other than the Monarch, but she can't. Suddenly, a Voyage portal opens in her room and Monarch emerges. Both Monarch and Marinette are surprised to see each other. The Monarch asks the Kwami if they are sure about that. Ziggy says now he has to ask Marinette for a present. When Monarch asks her about the "gift", she remembers and says she has one. As he gets off the bed, Monarch points at the duck and warns it not to make any sudden movements. She continues towards her dresser, nearly tripping over a chair as she does so, but manages to pull the "gift" out of the drawer. When he hands it to Monarch, he realizes that the "gift" is a key with a designer ladybug keyring. Furious, he asks Kwami why they are giving him the key chain when he is asked for the Guardian. The Kwami reply that since Ladybug is very careful, they don't know her real address. So in case they got lost, Ladybug organized a treasure hunt at her real address and the first clue was to "follow the smell of croissants". Monarch asks Marinette if she knows where Ladybug is, which she denies saying that Ladybug gave her the key ring when she gave her the Miraculous Mouse in case she lost it because she was very clumsy.

Just as Marinette is about to hand the key to the Monarch, Alya enters the room with a tray of croissants, but drops it in surprise when she sees the Monarch. She exclaims that Alya definitely knows where Ladybug is, whereupon Alya pulls out her phone and starts recording Monarch. In a rage, Monarch smashes the phone and takes the key ring. When he breaks the key ring, he sees a piece of paper with "42" written on it. When Kwamise asks about it, they mistakenly tell him about the ice rink. Monarch takes advantage of this and teleports to the rink using Voyage, leaving Alya speechless.

Monarch arrives at the rink and asks Philippe for the key. Philippe leads him to the lockers and opens the locker door. Monarch sees that it contains a photo of the Cat Noir statue in the Grévin Museum and a piece of paper with "street" written on it. He realizes that these clues spell out the address. As he prepares to leave, Philippe stops him and takes a selfie with the Monarch. Annoyed, the Monarch pushes Philippe aside and travels to the Grévin Museum via Voyage. As Monarch leaves, Philippe posts his selfie online along with selfies of Nadja Chamack, Lady Ice, Jagged Stone and Clara Nightingale.

At the Musée Grévin, Véronique is closing the museum, but the Monarch teleports behind her and orders her to take him to the Cat Noir statue. When they arrive at the site of the statue, Véronique leaves it and Monarch begins to examine her. He notices a piece of paper in Cat Noir's bell. He sees that it has "half-heartedness" written all over it. Suddenly, the Cat Noir "statue" grabs his hand and Ladybug wraps her yo-yo around their hands. Ladybug summons Lucky Charm, a plastic tube, and wraps it around Monarch, immobilizing him. As Ladybug pulls them both down, Cat Noir activates Cataclysm to scare him if he tries to escape. The monarch is surprised by the sudden turn of events.