Collusion - Miraculous Season 5 Episode 22 English

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 22 Collision Synopsis:

 This is the fifth episode of Season 5 not named after a Miraculous concept.

Through the concept of collusion, plot characters exist to do something:

Lila and Chloé conspire to punish those who opposed them at school: Marinette and Miss Bustier. After installing Miss Mendeleev as headmistress (who is completely happy with Mayor Bourgeois, who in turn is happy with Audrey), they create a situation that results in Marinette being expelled and Miss Bustier being fired.

Lila also conspired behind Chloé's back for her own benefit, manipulating her into angering her father while he was in a meeting with Gabriel and Tomoe to give the former the idea to manipulate Chloé into taking over her father's role as mayor. Although it is still unknown what Lili's real purpose in doing this is.

Gabriel and Tomoe conspire to have Mayor Bourgeois replace the police force with security robots to replace Ladybug and Cat Noir's roles as peacekeepers in Paris. Rejected by the mayor, Gabriel manipulates Chloé into teaming up with him and taking over the role of mayor of Paris, after causing a situation that forces André to resign as mayor, which involves akumatizing Miss Bustier. With Chloé as mayor, all Miraculous holders are outlawed and security robots replace the police.

This episode also shows how collusion was used when it comes to human lives:

André mentions that both he and Gabriel were happier in their former lives and wonders what went wrong because André traded his life as a film producer for politics and had nothing to show for power and wisdom; he had everything but no emotional wisdom.

It turns out that Lila has La Plage as her secret hideout in the catacombs of Paris.

It has come to light that Mrs. Mendeleev's first name is Olga.

After the resignation of Mr. Damocles in "Confrontation", Mrs. Mendeleev is now the headmistress of the school and is pressured by Mayor Bourgeois to obey Chloé's every command, such as allowing her to listen to loud music during class.

Using Mendeleev's role as Headmaster and pretending to be slapped by Marinette, Chloé forces the former to expel Marinette and fire Miss Bustier.

Despite the episode showing an argument over Marinette's expulsion, it is not confirmed that she was actually expelled, as Chloé turned her attention to Miss Bustier when she tried to make up with her once more.

This is the third time Marinette has almost been expelled from school after "Ladybug" and "Adoration".

Chloé and Lila are both responsible for two of these cases, while Lila is solely responsible for the other (the first).

Miss Bustier is akumatized for the third time overall, after "Zombiza" and "Ladybug".

However, unlike the previous two times, she is not akumatized into Zombizou, but into the second akumatized form - Miss Sans-Cullotte.

He is also one of the few characters able to resist an akumatization attempt, interrupting the pre-akumatization process.

Miss Bustier is also the sixth character not to become fully akumatized after being infected by Akuma, following Chloé in "Miraculer", Marinette in "Ladybug", "Elation" and "Derision", Sabine in "Ladybug", Félix in "Gabriel "Agreste" and Luka in "Migration".

The way Miss Bustier was able to break Monarch's first attempt to akumatize her in the episode is instrumental in all her attempts to help her students control their emotions, such as yoga and breathing exercises.

Miss Bustier is the ninth character to reject akuma after being fully akumatized and revert to normal herself, following Alya in "Gang of Secrets", Nino in "Rocketear", Sabine in "Qilin", Chloé in "Penalteam", Jalil in "Reunion", Kagami in "Perfection", A.D.A. in "Intuition" and Lila in "Revelation".

This is the sixth time the akumatized villain has specifically gone after André Bourgeois following the events of "Rogercop", "Darkblade", "Frightningale", "Frozer" and "Determination".

Miss Bustier is revealed to be in a relationship with a woman named Gisele.

This is the fifth LGBTQ+ romance in the series, following Barbara Keynes and Olympia Hill, Zoé and Marinette, Nathaniel and Marc, and Rose and Jules.

However, this raises the question of who is the father of her unborn child. Possible reasons are:

Miss Bustier may have had a relationship with a man (the father of the child) before she started a relationship with Gisele.

Miss Bustier could have used in vitro fertilization.

In this episode, Caline and Gisele share the series' first same-sex kiss.

It turns out that André's father was also in politics.

There are some differences between the final cut of this episode and the script and script:

In the original script, the music Chloé plays in class, "Axel F" by Crazy Frog, is most likely a placeholder until the original music is composed and/or used.

Miss Sans-Culotte's power worked differently in the original script. While in the final version of the episode her power to turn people into balloons is combined with the Gift, in the storyboard her akumatized power is separated from the miraculous power she receives from the Monarch, using the latter to convince people to fight by her side. Those people would get a Phrygian cap. Gisele will be one of those Miss Sans-Culotte transforms.

In the episode's original script, Audrey is also turned into a balloon, and André is finally able to stand up to her, divorce her, and grant himself custody of Zoé, while also giving up his custody of Chloé in favor of Audrey, all before resigning from office mayors. from Paris.