Confrontation - Miraculous Season 5 Episode 21 English

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 This is the fourth episode of the fifth season not named after a Miraculous concept.

The term "confrontation" is used when people confront others:

Sabrina is finally able to stand up to Chloé and Lila for all the abuse she suffered at their hands, helping Marinette expose them in front of all their classmates and teachers.

After Sabrina reveals that she has proof against them regarding the fake study forms, Chloé and Lila confront her about it, with the former angrily demanding the proof she has, while the latter just replies that whatever proof Sabrina has. , will always counter it with another lie to discredit it.

Marinette and her friends confront Chloé and Lila about their behavior as well as confronting the fact that they have been lied to and manipulated for a long time.

Juleka is finally able to overcome her speech impediment and gather the courage to finally speak louder.

As her friends tried to help counter Monarch's akumatization.

With the motivation of his students (especially Juleka), Miss Bustier, and Cat Noir, Mr. Damocles is able to drive Megakuma away (and thus unlock the magic spell's hidden power). This allows him to finally stand up to Mayor Bourgeois, even if it means losing his job, for the sake of his students' dreams.

It is also used in the opposite sense of the word, when people are unable to confront others:

Mr. Damocles is initially unable to confront Mayor Bourgeois about wanting to change the students' fake forms (which have already been fed into the system), which is why he is almost akumatized.

Mayor Bourgeois is pressured by his wife Audrey not to allow Mr. Damocles to evict Chloé and Lila and change the fake forms. Since he doesn't have the courage to stand up to her, he has no choice but to force the director to do so. When he doesn't, Mayor Bourgeois has no choice but to fire him.

New hidden Magical Charm abilities are introduced in this episode. It is revealed that Magic Charms respond to emotions and that they can protect their holders from Megakumas if focused enough and/or motivated by others. It is also seen that the presence of other magic spells can also enhance the magic spell of the person to be akumatized.

In this case, it happened with the magic charm Mr. Damocles received in "Jubilation" as it evolved into a larger version of itself, essentially becoming a shield capable of purifying Megakumas.

This is the seventh time Juleka has akumatized into Reflekta, following "Reflekta", "Reflekdoll", "Félix", "Ladybug", "Gang of Secrets" and "Vina".

Coincidentally, this episode is the twenty-first episode of Season 5 to be akumatized, similar to how "Reflection" was the twenty-first produced episode of Season 1 to be akumatized.

As of this episode, Juleka is the only character to be regularly akumatized, amokized, and akumatized, akumatized in a group of akumatized villains, akumatized in her scarlet version, and akumatized with a superhero power.

This is also the second time that Reflekta's clones have her copy ability instead of just Reflekta herself, following "Gulitrip". But unlike the first time, her clones were controlled by the titular sentimonster, and this time it's Reflekta herself who has the ability to control them.

Mr. Damocles is fully aware that the students are the resistance and are based in the brewhouse, and he shelters them from teachers who are very strict like Mrs. Mendeleev.

Juleka is the fourth character to akumatize and gain the power of her own Miraculous through her Alliance, following Kagami in "Perfection", Kim in "Derision", and Sabrina in "Adoration".

This is the sixth episode where the magic spell is destroyed after "Dearest Family", "Penalteam", "Elation", "Protection" and "Pretension".

Juleka is also the second member of the French superhero team Miraculous to gain a second magic spell, after Kagami in "Protection".

She is also the third character to receive two magic spells with the same design, after Sabine in "Qilin" and "Dearest Family" and André in "Glaciator 2" and "Elation".

This is the seventeenth episode that features a post-credits scene after "Miracle Queen", "Gabriel Agreste", "Optigami", "Sentibubbler", "Dearest Family", "Multiplication", "Jubilation", "Illusion", "Transmission" , "Perfection", "Derision", "Intuition", "Protection", "Emotion", "Pretension" and "Revelation".

This is the ninth not to feature Gabriel Agreste, following "Multiplication", "Jubilation", "Derision", "Intuition", "Protection", "Emotion", "Pretension" and "Revelation".

Clout's activation sequence used by Reflekta is similar to Purple Tigress in "Crocoduel".

Everyone at school finally learns that Lila has been lying about everything, from saying she was halfway across the world to not go to school, to Marinette pushing her down the stairs, and everything else since she came to school (and if she was above anything, she was able to convince Sabrina's father to throw her in jail). After learning about Lila's deceitful nature, they all apologized to Marinette for not believing her.

This episode reveals the dream occupation of Mrs. Bustier's class:

Alya wants to be a reporter.

Nino wants to be a film director.

Mylène wants to be an environmental activist, while Ivan would take care of his and Mylène's children.

Juleka wants to be a funeral director or someone who prepares funerals.

Rose wants to be a hairdresser, although at first she says she wants to be one for unicorns and dragons.

Sabrina wants to be a nurse.

Chloé doesn't want to do anything because she's already rich.

Lila claims she wants to become a politician and spread peace, but that's a lie.

Aside from Lily and Chloé, the only students whose dream professions have not been revealed are Max, Nathaniel, and Kim; though Kim hints that she wants to be a swimming instructor when she thinks Max got his form by mistake and Nathaniel probably wants to be a famous illustrator.

This episode has several deleted scenes as revealed in the original script:

Trying to figure out what career to choose, Nino vacillated between many: movie director, private detective, figure skater, Alya's boyfriend, and the head of the Resistance.

Alya directly apologized to Marinette for not believing her warnings about Lila all along after Marinette and Sabrina exposed Lila and Chloé. The other students also hugged Marinette as a way of apologizing for the same, and Adrien praised Marinette for finally exposing Lila.

As Marinette and Adrien went to their hideouts, they initially had a brief conversation with their kwami ​​before transforming.

This episode is one of four that ended up diverging from the original script after "Troublemaker", "Sandboy" and "Collusion".