Miraculous Season 5 Episode 27 Action English

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 "Action," a special episode of season 5 of "The Mighty: Ladybug & Cat Noir," featuring the Breteau Foundation, raises awareness about plastic waste pollution. Based on the series' production schedule, "Action" is the 27th written and produced episode of Season 5. It is also the 131st written and produced episode of the series.

The special will be released for free on Netflix and on the Breteau Foundation website, along with free educational resources and lesson plans for elementary school teachers.


Marinette (Ladybug), Adrien (Cat Noir) and their friends want to actively fight plastic pollution in Paris. The adventure leads Marinette to realize that the group should try to get to the root of the problem by trying to meet face-to-face with the biggest plastic manufacturer and convince him to change his habits but the supervillain Monarch has other plans.

Comments from the Authors:

At the Breteau Foundation, we believe in providing opportunities for children to engage with real-world issues that go beyond the classroom walls. Working with Miraculous Ladybug to create a special episode about Plastic was a unique opportunity for us to reach millions of children around the world to raise awareness of the global plastic crisis and inspire them to become active change makers.


We are very happy to be involved with the Breteau Foundation in a very important initiative: to enable our children to be aware of current issues and protect the future of the planet. This message will be all the more powerful because it is delivered by Ladybug, a heroine as famous as she is ambitious. The DNA of our series and the values it conveys are naturally aligned with the issues championed by the Breteau Foundation.



  • This is the only episode from the main series that is available completely free
  • This episode/special will be accompanied by lesson plans and other teacher resources, including 5 modules and hundreds of activities.
  • This episode will not be part of the main season 5 storyline.
  • This special is made "for children aged 7-11"
  • As of April 28, 2022, the animation for this episode is complete.
  • This does not (necessarily) include lighting, 2D effects or other post-production work.