Miraculous Chibi - Rooftop Dinner

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Rooftop Dinner is the first episode of the Miraculous Zag Chibi short series. It premiered on the official Miraculous Chibi YouTube channel on August 31, 2018, and aired on TV in September 2018.

When Cat Noir finds Ladybug alone on a Paris rooftop, she decides to cook them a romantic meal that will soon be unforgettable! The best!

While patrolling the rooftops of Paris, Ladybug stops and notices Adrien's big board. Entering, Ladybug looked at him romantically. Cat Noir approaches her and plans to make a spaghetti dinner for them to share, which inevitably leads to them kissing. Behind Ladybug, Cat Noir set the dining table and started cooking a spaghetti dinner. Cat Noir excitedly threw the pot randomly in the air, startling him and making him jump to catch it. Cauldron burned his hand and threw the pot back. When he runs next to the cauldron, hot food falls on him. Cat Noir is frozen and sitting on the stove used for cooking. He throws up, jumps over the dinner table, and runs into Ladybug. Unaware of the previous incident, Ladybug looked at him and her food covered in confusion and anger. Cat Noir, aware of her appearance, grinned at Ladybug, but Ladybug pulled out her yo-yo and ran away. Cat Noir collapsed and lay on the roof, frustrated and upset.