Miraculous Chibi - Panic at the Park

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 Miraculous Chibi - Panic at the Park:

This webisode, along with "The Cake Race", is the first to be released as part of the Miraculous Chibi revival run.

This marks the first appearance of Stormy Weather as well as an akumatized villain in the chibi series.

The carnies who give Cat Noir the damaged teddy bear prize each have the same character designs as Marinette, Chloé, and Adrien. For example, the sleeves of Carnie's second jacket are yellow, which is identical to Chloé's. However, to keep up with the illusion, their faces are covered and only their arms are shown.

Since the web series is a comedy compared to the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir TV series, the akumatized villains seem to be portrayed as mild nuisances, as neither Ladybug nor Cat Noir are fighting Stormy Weather here.