Miraculous Chibi - The Cake Race

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 Miraculous Chibi: The Cake Race

This is the first physical appearance of Marinette and Adrien in their civilian identities and not their superhero identities. However, Adrien appeared in pictures during the original run of the chibi series.
This is Chloé's first appearance in a chibi series. Prior to the release of this webisode and the revival of the chibi series, her concept was first introduced at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con.[3]
The interior of the bakery is similar to the one in Miraculous: Tales from Paris. Angie Nasca, character designer, also worked on this web series.
Both Mr. Cuddly and The Bee Miraculous make cameo appearances in this webisode.
Chloé is seen blowing a bubble from her bubblegum before a helicopter is about to land near her. This is a reference to her main series, where in "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)" and "Animaestro", Chloé chewed a piece of gum and blew a bubble before going to execute a plan that involves sticking the gum. on the chair.
Although the webisode contains cartoon gags, it is surprising that none of the cakes that Chloé and Marinette were carrying were damaged on the way to the Agreste mansion until the end of the webisode.


In some scenes, the flower pattern on Marinette's shirt is on the right instead of the left:
It can also be seen on the title card.
When she exclaimed after noticing that Chloé was carrying the same cake.
Before vandalizing a car wash sign to trick Chloé into thinking it was a hair salon.
As she runs down the hill, glaring at Chloé in her limo.
During the scene where he presses the button to summon a walker.
After drawing a helicopter landing pad on the street near Chloé.
Marinette's wallet is missing from the title card.
When Marinette broke the dishwasher window, she didn't have her purse on her hand. And before she commits the vandalism, she has her purse on her right arm instead of her left arm.
When Marinette notices Chloé carrying the same cake after leaving the bakery, she is standing in the crosswalk. But when she screams in terror, she is suddenly standing on the sidewalk opposite the bakery.
When Chloé turns around and notices that Marinette is about to deliver the same cake to Adrien, her ponytail is cut and her eyeshadow is missing.
Marinette left the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie at the beginning of the webisode. However, after this scene, the bakery is later seen several times in the background of the webisode as Marinette and Chloé both race to the Agreste mansion.
Chloé is only seen with her handbag when she first appears on this website. Then, as she and Marinette start to race towards Villa Agreste, her wallet disappears for the rest of the webisode.
Adrien's party hat is missing before the chewed gum Chloé threw lands on the sole of one of Marinette's shoes.
Marinette has her purse on her right arm instead of her left as she stumbles into the entrance of the Agreste mansion.
In the shot where Chloé summons the limo, most of her right arm is missing.